On The Path

It seems to me that when life is testing us to the extreme, there is always available a Presence, an energy to assist us. Tis but a matter of allowing, I think. Preferred to giving up that is. At times this Presence may feel like a Guardian Angel, while at times perhaps a slap in the face with a frozen fish. For me the Presence is in all ways the Light of Eternal Love, yet may come in many forms. Occasionally I have even felt blessed to be in the presence of a Master.

My desire today is to share one of these experiences.

I camped off and on for about two years in an empty lot, surrounded by blackberry bushes, in a suburb (so to speak) of White Rock called Crescent Beach. My only consistent neighbor being that of my dearest and closest male friend, the Wood Potter. Beside our lot was a pretty, little, old, white catholic church.

We had other interesting residents move in and out occasionally, but that is another story. And we would each journey away from time to time but always returning to connect there again. Ahh, wonderful memories of midnight walks along the beach and through the local bird sanctuary, hours spent in his or my van consuming too much wine, most of the time spent debating philosophy and the meaning of life. Twas a grand life. Anyway on to my tale.......!!!

One night, during a time of testing, I wrote a letter expressing my frustration and anger, at the world, my God and my Beloved Natalie. It was a good one because seldom in my life had I physically or vocally expressed my anger. Normally I would analyze it with my brilliant, rational mind and then proceed to stuff it away.

My intent was to deliver said letter the next day. Now for a peaceful night's rest .... NOT!

I usually awoke with the dawn each morning. Tradition being to begin the day by paying tribute to our Earth Mother and the powers that be.

That morning I awoke, totally out of sorts, knowing only that I could not deliver the letter, but what to do? I decided rather than stuff away the anger, I would take the letter to a secluded spot by my beautiful sea. There to burn it, thus offering all my frustration up to my God.

While walking to my chosen spot, all of a sudden, I realized I was being accompanied by eleven Masters. I felt St Germain, Kuthumi, Lady Master Nada, Sananda and the others by my side.

I continued on, tears of release and tears of joy flowing all the while.

Arriving at my destination I began my ceremony of tribute and then proceeded to burn the letter with some tobacco.

Why eleven? Why at this time was there Presence felt so strongly?

With ceremony concluded, I sat for a moment in awe. Feeling the heightened awareness of both my company and the beauty of my world. I then started the journey back to my van.

A short distance down the path, the masters began to move before me. I then felt them turn and smile, saying "we shall go ahead and prepare the way".

It now felt like I was walking upon a path of clouds. My steps were light. I could hear the birds and the Angels sing. I could feel the caress of Grandfather Wind upon my cheek. It was as if my Heart had been set free.

Again I Am reminded "eyes that smile, when the heart is filled with love, can only cry tears of joy".

And I knew that the smoke of my little fire had truly carried my cares and woes to the Heavens. There to be blessed by the Light of Eternal Love.

May we all rest this night in the her arms.

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