Spider Sense

A Divine Principle (Purpose) is the Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter.
That all Matter BE--come aware that it is Spirit.

Ascending, to me, is the raising of awareness and the evolution before us dictates that not only the conscious mental aspect of our Being ascends but also the vehicle of experience. Dear Ones, we are taking it All with us this time. Including our Beloved Earth Mother and all her Devas, Elementals, Fairies and Gnomes (for sure) that have supported her creation, lovingly, for so long.

All dimensions shall continue to exist as that is the Infinite Universal Vehicle. Shall we look back upon the ladder, at some future moment of the Eternal Now, and say this denser matter below is Blessed and now should be termed "Third Dimension". I have transcended, I have Transmuted this vehicle "That I Am" beyond the Ring Pass Not. I shall now term this State of my Being "Fifth Dimension"


Our world reflects to us the Mystery, the Majesty of Our Being.

Whilst sitting on the rear deck yesterday with my younger sister, she noticed webs forming between many of the plants and ornaments around us. Upon closer investigation we observed that there were literally hundreds of tiny, tiny spiders congregating and working to form a new world for their experience. As my sister rushed off to get our critter bible "Animal Speak" I had a little chat with our Brothers, explaining that this was our deck and as such were not allowed to change this Beautiful environment we had created. They would be welcomed further out in the Enchanted Forrest. I then gently scooped them up in a broom and deposited the three or four colonies some distance away.

For awhile I returned to the blissful state of watching two Hummingbirds play fighting around their feeders and the occasional Stellar Jay flashing a blue streak through the trees. Perhaps the Jays were observing the family dog "Spike" lying at Judy's feet, as she shared the Magic of Spiders found in Ted's book, or perhaps our three cats stealthfully hunting the forest bed for whatever. A wonderful feeling of at-one-ment there was and mystery whilst I listened to Judy and the myriad of sounds that come from our Enchanted Forrest.

A short time later my gaze returned to the plants and ornaments. To my surprise they were back, just as active as earlier. The spiders, that is. Webs beginning to form everywhere. How could they accomplish this so soon? Fascinated, I ventured forth to investigate. I looked to see if I might find the strands of spidy stuff shooting out from their tiny (really tiny) wrists to attach to a distant leaf. Instead I watched one minute Being floating in mid air, suspended in the vast emptiness by a single strand, only discernable when a ray of sunshine caught it at just the right angle. Then I noticed Grandfather Wind send an Angel to catch it with a gentle whisper and carry it to a leaf that must have seemed like miles away.

A happy camper now spidy scurried back to it's origin, soon to lead three or four of it's family out into space upon this silvery beam, this highway to a new world. Close by were more little Beings suspended in time and space waiting for the Fate of Angel Whispers to guide them to somewhere they could only trust would be where they should be.

A closer look at their origin found literally hundreds of tiny Beings mulling about, doing Lord knows what, waiting for their turn to begin a Grand Adventure. Some to scout various lines that seemed to have formed instantly as the Sun deemed it time to show their presence. Others to venture out into empty space hoping, I am sure, for a kindly response from Grandfather. For an evil breeze may just as well come their way, depositing them strandless in unknown territory.

Somehow I suspect that should this happen they would still find there way home.

What a marvelous world our world is.

Tis fortunate that I possessed a gentle broom and are of the mind that we should intentionally harm no living thing. And that I have a way with words for today I find they have decided that it would be much more fun in the Enchanted Forrest.

May our World be forever Enchanted with,

The Light of Eternal Love.

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