Tis only the mind that restrains us.
Tis only the mind that betrays us.

Tis the Heart that knows,
Tis the Heart that heals.

Tis but to allow the Love within to flow and realize that All is of Love
that All IS Love.

My journey is testament to that Love.

For whenever and however I have tried to close my heart due to the anguish and pain, it could not be done.

Love prevails because ....... well yessssss ..... all Is Love!
Stubborn cuss I have been, at times.
Yet Love prevailed.

Struggled I have to know why,
yet I had but to surrender to become aware.

And as awareness grows it is, that all is connected,
All Is One and of the One.

Love is boundless. As awareness expands the heart expands (multi-dimensional, right?) Tis why, I suppose, this one of mine has yet to explode.

There is that physical organ that can only take so much, tis said, but the Soul goes on, the Soul expands.

"And it's not so much about "letting go" as it is transforming these energies." ...... So true! I give thanks for the blessing of the Violet Flame ......
the Power of forgiveness!

“Tis a Glorious opportunity that you have, rejoice. For the cup must be emptied of the clouded waters of life before it can be truly filed with the nectar of Eternal Love.

You HAVE been chosen .......... to let go of that which has not served your Highest Good ..... to Allow that which is your true nature to blossom.”

One sign of a powerful, inquiring mind is it's attempt to hold on to the mundane, to the perspective of a world filled with turmoil and disruption. Desperation, knowing that the days of limitation are dwaining, the hours of control are drawing to an end. The seconds of despair ... all are being blessed with the awareness of Light that illuminates the Glory of the Moment. Yet it is but to realize that all experience occurs to allow us opportunity to grow, to learn ...... to serve.

How may I serve you this day?

By Loving you? By allowing you to draw upon that limitless Love for strength, for solace? By striving to Be an example, a testimony to the endless possibilities of a limitless Being, living in the Eternal Now.

The importance of Being in the moment, thus allowing Spirit to facilitate whatever learning and/or healing we may desire. This state, in its potential bliss, does not allow the little ego to manipulate rather it allows our true Essence to shine. I try to practice this by focusing from the point of the silent watcher within. It is as if I am looking through a pair of binoculars, the eyepiece centered in the rear of my mind just above the neck. The pituitary gland, if I am not mistaken. The field of vision is the third eye. While viewing I FEEL the connection of a Trinity .... Heart, Mind and Spirit (Mind ... I Am the consciousness of my Soul and Spirit). A place of peace, a state of Love.

Also acceptance ..... that a vulnerable Heart is an open Heart. Realizing that Being in the Eternal Now is being connected to All That Is. It is allowing all experience, knowing it is just that and truly the illusion of duality. Being of this world but not in it.

For the gifted few a Guru may appear, to guide our perilous path. For the rest of us, not so blessed, there is hope. There is the Light of Eternal Love to guide. There is a Master available for each to follow, to trust. To ensure only that which is for our highest good shall manifest in our little worlds. Tis the Master within each Heart. It is Spiritual Discernment that protects yet allows us to search for the ways best suited to the Soul. To read a Master's words is to absorb the energy of his/her Light. To experiment is fine but to allow your Heart to lead, is Divine.

There is an Universal Law which states that to ascend to the next rung on this ladder of life, one must first replace his presence upon the step involved. While reaching up for the hand of Love to assist us upon the way, we must extend our hand below and firmly grasp our brethren's, to ensure that as we grow in the awareness of truth so he/she follows too.

To write, to talk, is to share. And I feel that to share Who I Am is the only way to grasp my neighbor's hand. To add strength to the link of the chain That I Am. And as I traverse the bridge between mind and Soul, even though at times it sways, I shall trust that my brother/sister will be guided by their personal Master, that I may not lead them astray.

And as she say's to me .... "Stephen, damn we are good !" .... I sense a bit of feminine vanity.

"NOT !!" ... she says ... "for we are the Light of Eternal Love and that IS GOD"

Yes, that is good.

"Tis for each Beloved Soul to walk this Path of Love ... Tis for each Beloved Soul to share That which It IS ... Tis for each Beloved Soul .... To Walk the Talk."

Damn ... she's good!

"Yes .... I Am God."


The state of "Nirvana" or nothingness is not necessary or to be desired at this point of evolution. Rather the state of Mindful Awareness is that which is to be cultivated. After all is said and done, we are the physical manifestation of the Christ within and as such we are to expand that awareness.

This is why my thoughts often reflect the importance of "Feeling". Of Being!

Successful meditation leads to the awareness of balance, harmony and joy within all experience.

The least to be expected is Peace of Mind, for meditating upon the Eternal Now is releasing all trivia, all mundane, all illusions of duality. It is the realization that we ARE the Source, we are the God Self. And soon to be experienced after this is the realization that We Are One with all Creation.

The Journey to the Divine representing itself as a razors edge, we all can relate, right? Tis a time of reflection about events that may shape the thoughts of many.

"Mass Consciousness".

Again, a time to be grateful and feel the Grace of Spirit as it provides opportunity to experience ourselves through the eyes and words of another. To remind us that the external world is our manifestation and mirrors back that which Glorifies our Being and also that which needs to be refocused, transmuted by the Light of our Souls. As a vagabond poet I find it easy to honour and appreciate the Beauty around me, yet I too, at times, forget to focus from the Point of Beauty Within.

"Fire" .... when I give thanks and praise to Great Spirit, it is by honouring the four directions and that which they represent. Part of my prayer is ..... "Great Spirit, I honour the South, land of the Coyote and the Mouse. And I honour Fire ...... that Fire which enables New Life. I thank you for these blessings."

Apparently the act of a young lady, in anger, burning the picture of a boyfriend is what started a firestorm in California.

It is our choice as to how we view these events. Do we focus on the anger and relate this to a distaste for the male energy? Or perhaps do we see this young lady as a spark that the Winds of Heaven fanned in order for Humanity to focus on the need to honour both the Feminine and the Masculine, the Balance required to bring Peace and Harmony.

Or should we see a piece of paper crucified to Great Spirit, that what it represents may be purified? Or should we see Our Beloved Earth Mother taking this small spark and nurturing it so that it may in deed enable New Life?

Do we feel the anger of one Being and relate it to all Beings to "Mass Consciousness"?

Rightly so, when viewed from the Heart of Love, it can be related to events around the world. It can be related to the cleansing, to the influx of Universal Energy, Love being non-selective. Do we relate it to mass consciousness screaming the need for clearing, for cleansing ....... That In Deed there may Be New Life.

All views are valid ....... tis but a matter of Choice.

The Threefold Flame

I feel that a few thoughts must need again to flow from this pen tonight. As inspiration from this Heart of Love.

"From me, you mean, Dear Stephen?" she says

Dear Stephen, is it? So affectionately spoken too. Am I to remember that Loving me is A Loving you?

"Alas, Dear One, this Soul of Love ...is ... the Threefold Flame. Speak of me to those you serve and Know it is that I Am speaking too."

Beloved of my Heart, thou Lady of the Lake, let Excalibur rise from the depths of our Being to champion the mystical world of Spirit. I Am thy humble servant, radiate the Light of thy Eternal Love. Breathe forth Spirit in the form of knowledge that we might experience thy Wisdom. Bless us with the Violet Flame.

"Tell us, Stephen, what is the Violet Flame?..... What is the Threefold Flame?"

I suppose it is best to first understand what comprises this Threefold Flame I call my Soul, my Lady of the Lake. It is the Trinity of Life that beats my Heart. It is my link to the One above, the Beloved Spirit That I Am. The gateway to Heaven it is.

A Flame of Golden Yellow that is sparked by the Wisdom of God.
A Flame of Electric Blue that is fired by the Power of God.
A Flame of Rose Pink that Is the Love of God.

Together this trinity is the Master Within. It is my soul consciousness, it is the Beloved.

The Violet Flame is the Flame of Transmutation.

I remember one evening, long ago, experiencing a big A-Ha while contemplating this Blessing sponsored by our Brother St. Germain. How does it transmute, I said to myself. And Self said "How does the One derive the color Violet?" Well, I said, she said, I said .... if we combine the colors blue and pink we get violet. A ... ha, I said (me thinks) then it is the Power of Love. And .... And when it is guided by the Wisdom of Spirit it transmutes all that is less than our Christ Perfection ...... well perhaps a little at a time. "Could you experience the full force of God's Love, without going poof, Dearest Stephen?" ..... Perhaps a little is good.

Then I ask .... how does the Power of Love transmute? ........ silence ....... more silence.

"Dear One, rather what ... is ... the Power of Love?" ......more silence ...... gears grinding mind you, mind be still !!

And then the Big A-HA ....... The Power of Love ....... IS ....... FORGIVENESS !!!!!!!!

"But then .... what is forgiveness?" ...... there she goes again. Your turn.

"Okay, to forgive is to pardon, to make peace with." ....... how does..... "Listen, Dear One, be still and Know that You Are. To forgive one must first realize that there is something (or someone .... I try to say) to forgive, something less than our Christ Perfection." ... or perhaps in an imperfect world it is similar to a slap in the face with a frozen fish. "SHUSH, to realize this is to compare the subject or object to the state of Bliss or perfection." ...... that's easy ...

"Really, what is Bliss, what is Perfection?" .... I can still dream, right? ....

"This world is the stage of experience. We are the actors, often enjoying the drama we create. And at other times reaping our just rewards. Understanding this is the first step towards forgiveness. Accepting that it is not only an imperfect world but we too are not yet perfect is next. Thirdly, it is to allow the path to unfold before you. Be in this world yet not of it. Know that it is just experience. Comparing yourself to what you Feel is your Self is a grand beginning. Next it is to honor that which we see as imperfect, accept it as part of the experience, perhaps a small facet of your Being that requires polishing. And then MOST IMPORTANTLY ..... LET IT GO !!"

Easier said than done. How do we let go? ....... "By focusing upon the Light of your Soul. By lifting that which is less than your Christ Perfection up into the Light. With no attached energy dis-ease, doubt, fear soon fade away. You know the more you fight a problem the worse it gets."

What if I fail ..... why do I beat myself up so badly when I do?

"You are an evolving Being with a history you know little of. Rather than beat yourself up, as you say, perhaps saying opps, I must try again, I must re-focus upon the Wonderful Presence that I Am. Lift all perception up into the Light, do not allow energy to fester in the illusion. For truly it is all illusion."

Baggage, right? I can relate to this.

"What better than to relate to All That Is. Accept that there is only perception, not necessarily right or wrong, good or bad. Realize that there is a Loving God allowing us to experience that which we choose and that which is in our highest good. A Loving God that Knows it is experiencing with and through us. A Loving God that rejoices when one facet of it's Being realizes it is a Child of the Universe, a brilliant facet of the Being of God."

Whew, something to chew on. Mind if I share this?

"Little One, tis a joy to share Who I Am. Who are you?" ... I Am you, of course ...... "Ah, you are .. therefore I Am. What would I do without you?"

I have found through my yearning to understand the "Trinity" as an aspect of All That Is, a very powerful meditative concept. Yet again one that requires a certain degree of Self Mastery. For the energy of such high vibration is not selective and serves to magnify all in one's facets of Being. Be there any baggage still to heal requires the commitment to deal with it too.

"Total Surrender to the Light of the Soul is the way", She says.

So true!

Understanding the bodies, the vehicles of manifestation, I find intriguing as well. The physical of course is easy, the Love of the Soul is felt, the Body of Spirit yet a dream. Is the vehicle of Spirit 5th dimensional? Me thinks it is somewhat higher.

As the "Sepentary" contemplates the "Trinity", the "One" knows it's self yet as half of a spark of Eternal Love that yearns to reunite, thus as is through Grace of God, the Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter the goal of evolution. And the journey continues forever onward, forever upward.

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