The Evolution of "I"

First there was the word, which was the initial vibration. That vibration most likely being the sound, the name of God. Perhaps it was the great OM, which I relate to as I Am. Was it God/Source, simply stating it's Being?

I Am.

Then as the out-breath, the word, expanded, God could visualize a body of experience. I Am ... That.

What then was the reason for experience? To Be that I experience BEing. I Am That I Am. Good enough reason, right?

Then I considered, what is next and the thought surfaced Who Am I. Now up until this moment, "I" related to the singular. "Who" seems to be separative. So God is now considering different facets of it's Being, in order to expand experience? These facets are rather "egoic" are they not? Ergo, the ego must be separative. Okay.

Easier to relate all this personally, me thinks. There is another illusion of separation, possessiveness ... me, mine. Anyway, this facet of God evolves into Stephen, yeah team! Who is Stephen? A personality/ego, a soul and a spirit. The ego initially being the gift of preservation .... the desire to survive, to evolve. It, of necessity, must have it's own vehicle of experience/expression, it's own source of energy to create the impulse to Be. Yet, I feel that the ego is finite. It comes and goes with each incarnation. It is manifested by spirit and fueled by spirit. It is blessed with instincts to both survive and to learn. It is manipulated and fashioned by society, parents and of course mass consciousness. And more importantly by the soul, the vast storehouse of experience that records the drama, and influences the path that lies before the ego. Now the soul is another body of experience. Somewhat more complex than the ego for it must relate consciously to spirit. To communicate with spirit and at the same time relate to experience of ego.

Gawd we are getting complicated. Not really but that does bring up another aspect of the evolution of "I". For there comes a time when the ego realizes there are more aspects to it's being than itself. The soul is being felt more and more and golly there is something that energizes, motivates all of this experience. Spirit it has been called.

So again there comes a time when the ego can share the responsibility for all it's mistakes .... er experiences. "We" didn't know that! "We" did that !!! (of course this is if it is really willing to share) "We" becomes significant. Back to Stephen.

Unfortunately ... (NOT).... thank you, Stephen is born as a Leo (double actually) and thinks himself a king. And believing that once a king, always a king (yet once a knight is enough) .......... Waiting? ......... waiting?

Hmmm, no comment .... onward. The "we" is now to be related royally. WE are writing this message. Right? ....... right?

Okay, royalty knows it represents the people, the land and all it's wealth. Why, it owns everything of course. In our fine example here though, it is "We" the people, "WE" the Triune aspect of Being are responsible for .... Much easier to accept joint responsibility. But there is another consideration of the royal "we", it unites the aspects of Stephen into One Being.

We Are.

Therefore I Am.

We Are One, Therefore I Am ...... full circle, me thinks.

An evolved "I"

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