An Experience

I have an altar set up in my room. On it I have placed my crystals, the many little
stone friends that I have collected along the way, some resting in a tray that my son
Christopher made. Others, like the pink heart shaped one you gave me, around my
offering shell. There are my feathers, four candles, a braid of sweetgrass, some cedar,
sage and tobacco. And in the center is our picture. In front of it is a white prayer candle.

After my evening meditation and decrees, I turned out the light and sat reflecting
on the picture, the candle reflecting itís golden rays upon your beautiful image and
feeling the love and joy in my heart.

The light of the candle started to diminish, to the point where I thought it might
go out. It then started to pulse, slow steady pulsations.

With each pulse, your face and hair began to change. I witnessed a dozen or more
distinctly different faces presented to me. The only similarities were the eyes. They were always your eyes. This went on for some time. Each face manifesting in turn numerous times.

I realized that I loved them all and with some thought concluded that they were
some of the faces of your many incarnations.

The candlelight returned to normal. I sat in awe and gave thanks.

To confirm that they were indeed the many faces of my beloved, I asked for the
face that was yours when you were my daughter in Ireland to present itself.
Your face again changed and then returned. It did this five or six times, each time
presenting the same new face. I knew that it was you, as you were then.

I again gave thanks and reflected on the blessing of the experience. I did not feel
that I knew all of the faces, but I did know the essence of those faces. The essence that is you.

A precious gift, part of which was the perception of time or rather no time. The
ever present now and the bond of eternal love that we share.


Tonight, as the candlelight grew dim, I looked at you and saw only me.

I looked at me and saw only you.
Blessings of the Divine
I am your love.
To you I send blessings of Eternal love.
Blessings of the Light above.
May the winds of Heaven dance between us.

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