Why Not

Why would I not want you to follow your heart? To follow your heart is to become aware of the true essence of who you are. Allowing that essence, your beloved Soul, to manifest in your conscious waking world. Allowing you to claim your freedom and the perfection of the complete being that you are. Allowing your inner child to express the innocence and purity that is the glory of your being. Allowing you to express your compassion for life and your love for the one God that is all. Expressing the passion of your heart, knowing that it is through your free will and unconditional love that you are honouring your true power, honouring the Goddess that you are.

To follow your heart is to realize it's essence. To be the most beautiful, precious child of the universe that I know you to be.

Why would I not want to experience your journey as part of my journey?

To share a moment of joy or a moment of pain. To allow your passion to be my passion to be my passion. To honour your freedom, to honour my freedom. To realize that the perfect being I see in you, I see in me. You are the mirror of my universe.

Why would I not honour my desire for us to express our love for each other, to be who we are? As two journeys coming together from time to time, to honour the Alpha and Omega of our being. Or as two aspects of God, together or apart, honoring the love and eternal bond that we share, that in spirit we are never apart, realizing the riches an opulence of Godís full presence. Realizing that all life is love. Realizing that our love honours us, honours God.

Why would I not want the sacred union of our souls, in loving service?

The union of spirit and matter within each of us releasing the true power of our spirits, to love God.

Why would I not want the sacred union of our spirits? To return home to the Father as two divine aspects of one being of the one God, I Am That I Am.

Beloved, from where we came. To not just to honour God, rather now to glorify God. Two brilliant flames uniting to form a blazing Sun. A Sun of radiant, eternal love. A bright new star for all to see that this too is their destiny.

I, at times, feel what that love might be and I give thanks to the Lord God of Creation for our opportunity to experience life, to share and express our love, to become that shinning star above.And I give thanks to you, beloved of my heart, for I know now that our souls will never part. You are my compliment And I am free to be who I am, as you are free to be who you are. The Alpha and Omega of a birthing star.

In loving service we shall be. To glorify God is our destiny.
In light, with light, love and truth we are one.

My lady, why would I not want to bring pleasure and joy to your life? Through touch (the gourmet massage), through holding you in my arms, feeling the love as our hearts unite.

Why would I not want to behold your beautiful body, realizing that it is the vehicle for the most precious being that I have ever experienced?

Why would I not want to smell the fragrance of your presence knowing it is the fragrance of the most beautiful flower in my world?

Why would I not want to hear the laughter and excitement in your voice as we run down the promenade, chasing Elijah or as we run across a deserted beach, chasing the wind? That is the sound of heaven with the wind a chorus of angels.

Why would I not want to taste your lips or to kiss your breast knowing that it is tasting the nectar of your being?

Why would I not want to experience life with you, knowing that you are one within your self, as I am one with my self, that we are one and we are divine?

Why would I not want to express my love for you, as that is your love too?

Why not, my lady, why not.