Brother Hawk

It was a fine day for our brother the Hawk,

I was traveling along a prairie country road, enjoying a vast blue sky with puffs of white and fields gently swaying on both left and right. The colors were bright and seemed to sparkle in the breeze, green and yellow and blue, a majestic sight. I hadn't passed another vehicle for some time. Just me and the wonder of Mother Earth.

I noticed in the corner of my eye that a fair sized bird was lying at the side of the road. I continued along my journey but a mile or so further I had the overwhelming feeling to go back, there was a gift there for me.

Upon returning I discovered that this little brother, on the side of the road, was a red tailed hawk. Had it argued with a passing truck? Perhaps, or was this just the time and place for me to find it. I moved it off the road and was offering a bit of tobacco to honour its spirit, when there was another strong feeling.

I was to take seven tail feathers.

This accomplished, I continued on my journey. Ten or fifteen miles further on I thought, why didn't I take more? The talons, the beak, the entire bird was a prize. But no, I somehow knew only the feathers were the hawks gift to me.

That night I looked in one of my bibles, Animal Speak, for the significance of this little brother and the event. There to find that the red tailed hawk symbolizes the messenger of God. Wow, neat!

Since that time I have passed along all but one feather, which adorns my totem staff. Each was given at the right time to a beautiful brother or sister, all of whom are messengers of God. I wrapped the base of each feather with violet felt, tied by bands of gold, pink and blue. To me this signified the violet flame of transmutation, the gold flame of wisdom, the blue flame of power or will and the pink flame of love (the threefold, unfed flame within our heart).

It was indeed an honour to receive this gift and to share, to pass it on.

Honouring this messenger of God.

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