As mentioned on Stephen's page of “Spirit Quest” one of the most influential and beautiful Beings to grace my journey has been Anne Hughes.

During a garden meeting with Anne she mentioned that I had collaborated writing with St Germain before, (in the sixteenth century, I think). More than a little mystified, I asked her if he might consider doing this again. She just looked at me with a smile, that I shall never forget, and said "Dear One, he has just been waiting for you to ask." This was certainly one of the reasons why I walked upon clouds for the next month or two.

Yet about two years later I remember sitting in my van wondering why I had not been contacted by this Esteemed Brother. I had received a most treasured gift from Beloved Francis (I Am All That Is). I had written the preliminary (before this now the third revision) of Spirit Quest and sent it to various people including Anne. The only comment returned was from Anne who said it was Heart Felt Song. And although this was received with great Love I was becoming somewhat disgruntled, discouraged.

While flipping through the pages reading "The Burning Ground" and a few others, the most wonderful feeling flooded my Being. In that moment I Knew that St Germain had been, was in, a lot of my works.

Perhaps now it was but for me to expand my awareness of his Presence. There have been numerous times since then that I have stopped writing to give thanks for his Love and guidance.

A couple of years ago I succeeded, in a somewhat different way, expanding that awareness further. I began to "feel" a most beautiful Presence writing with me and at times to me. This time though, it felt like a feminine Presence. Yet there seemed to be no way to control this experience. If I tried I would go blank. So, eventually letting go and just allowing her presence to manifest when it desired began to increase the frequency of her “visits”. Soon it was akin to having a conversation with myself. Actually this was what was happening, although perhaps it could be better related it to a child's invisible friend. There did seem to be something else. I felt that I was communicating with more than my Soul (whom I had concluded was the feminine presence).

At times I felt that it was St Germain, at times it was Francis, at times it was others. When I wrote "A Fantastic Fantasy", it was the Lady Master Nada. Yet all the time I was conversing with myself. Or better to say with parts of my Self.

During this time I again remembered my meeting with Anne and how she communicated with the Brotherhood. I remembered her saying "AH, now I know who you are, the Brothers have just informed me that you ......"

I just got a slap on the wrist from the Light of my Soul, for I was going to say that Anne is far more advanced than I ...... Loving tap I shall say. Do love these ladies, I do.

I have never considered Anne as a "channel". Nor have I ever considered myself as one. Something about the word, perhaps, because I find no fault in the concept and know of various "excellent" and sincere Beings that consider themselves as such. What I have found more acceptable and feel from my Heart of Hearts is that Anne and at times your little brother is able to communicate with deeper (?), more subtle parts of One's Self. And when we consider that in reality we are all one, it makes sense that at times it is St. Germain's thoughts that pervade the grey matter. At other times, and I must say more frequently, it is that Beautiful Feminine Presence I refer to as my Soul or the Christ within. Is it not All One and the same? And there are still times I feel somewhat frustrated. Why do I not have certain answers yet, Why am I …. But the bottom line is that as I become ready, as I become more of my Self, as I become more aware ..... doors open, opportunities are presented .... such as the egroup "Energy Transformation" to hone and refine my skills, to further understand Who I Am. I have found that my meditations are about expanding awareness of the connectivity of the All That Is. I have ceased to struggle as much, being the inquisitive intellectual that I Am. I have, through experience, been shown how simple it is. To just Be in the Now and Allow the Universe to unfold as it should. The most Glorious Threefold Presence is available for all to experience. It is a Presence that is felt as, a presence that is known as, the Light of Eternal Love. It is sooooooo beautiful !!

And to Know that the Winds of Heaven Dance Between Us, is ecstasy!

Overcoming blame is a facet of forgiveness. It was (so I thought) easy to forgive (not blame) myself or others, yet the cause for my (self imposed) misery was placed squarely upon the shoulders of my God. Why was I to experience my demons again? Why did life's path continually revolve in the same circle?

But then She said "Stephen, Am I not your God. Am I not you? We are One and the same. To separate us is the illusion. Choose to experience unity and feel the riches and opulence of God's full presence. Choose to Be Who you really Are."

Ah, the Heart of Eternal Love, she is so beautiful!! I must follow my Heart.

The juices are a flowing upon this afternoon that is glowing. Putting on dem shoes is so easy to pursue, yet in them, walking a mile or two is at times more than we can do. I have been blessed to have known many wonderful healers, of which most would feel the same. How to give and give without draining oneself?

I can only relate what I have witnessed in the rare few that have achieved success in this regard. The most significant example for me is my Beloved Anne.

Often she would talk about unconditional Love. And it's merits cannot be understated, yet equally important, she would say, is unconditional Acceptance. To allow every soul you meet to be who they are, at that time and place, is not taking upon yourself their baggage.

The Heart of Eternal Love, your Heart Dear One, is the fountain of eternal energy, the riches and opulence of God's full presence and as such can never be depleted. I truly believe that when we find our energy draining, it is usually because we are accepting other's baggage as our own.

To be true sometimes it is similar “baggage” and they are functioning as mirrors that we may see in ourselves that which needs attention. Yet so often it is the difference between sympathy and empathy. It is that we don't unconditionally accept them in the Light of Unconditional Love.

Touching your soul is opening your heart to your Spirit and BOUNDLESS LOVE!

I Am your mirror.

Our message is Love. All experience reflects an aspect of love. Yes even the anguish and pain.

At the end of our day we reflect and at times give thanks. Yet gratitude is so important. It is the catalyst for the new day before us.

I would like to share two of my greatest experiences. One was during a meditation that led me to reflect upon my life. I was contemplating that life was a continual cycle of love and loss. And yet I could not relate to any experience that I did not learn something of value that would prepare me for the next even more (so I thought) devastating experience. As I was concluding that all experience was leading me to a greater awareness of Who I Am, I was overcome with the most glorious feeling of gratitude. It was as if my soul was giving thanks for the opportunities presented to me. The second was during a meditation where the focus was self forgiveness. I was suddenly transported out into the centre of the universe. Simply put, it was neat! I was alone in the centre of everything and nothing. I was part of this universe yet there was no association to anything.

Marvelling at this nothingness that encompassed everything, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of love. And I must admit that the force, the beauty, the power of this love, I believed I had not experienced before. And the neatest part of all, this love was for me. ME! Not me loving someone or something else. Not God loving His universe. It was me loving me.

I have faltered since those experiences, yet their memory at times has been my saving Grace. The last straw to cling to. The GRACE of inner guidance.

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