Follow your Heart.

That IS the thing, the salvation, the path of least resistance, the ultimate source of guidance, our Most Precious, Beautiful Heart. For within that secret inner chamber resides our Soul.

We offer a valued service by sharing our vulnerability and Who we are. Our pain and anguish also serve as a catalyst for many. I often marvel at the Feeling of Love that emanates from this ol Heart of mine and then seemingly the next moment the anguish and pain is again triggered. It is as if my ego wants balance, it's place so to speak. Letting go of ego, surrendering to the Love that I Am takes at times a continual effort, is truly an ongoing struggle. I am finding, as I am sure are many who, like myself, are often centered in the rational mind, that the battle seems to never stop. Surrendering to our Soul, the vehicle of Spirit, is the Surrender to Love. For the bottom line is that Love Is All There Is. Our experiences are windows of opportunity to shine, to Allow the Light to shine from WITHIN. And how can we relate to life if we do not experience life? This is a question I often ask myself and if I am in a meditative state my Soul will occasionally state "Bullshit, Stephen, it is a matter of choice as to what you experience".

So why do we regress, why do we choose suffering? To many, myself included, the feeling is that it is an underlying (deep seated) need for self forgiveness. And there are times that, seemingly, we must seek an external source for assistance and this is valid. Yet, so often I am reminded that the true source is within. What do I have to forgive? What really is forgiveness? Is forgiveness Letting Go of the little ego, Allowing our true Self, our Spiritual Being to radiate the Light of Eternal Love?

What can I do other than to Allow and Choose? Do I have to fight each moment to choose not to suffer? Or is it just a matter of choosing Love? This is at times my only salvation and when I allow this Love to flow, when I open my heart, when I honour my vulnerability, when I choose to honour the Spirit That I Am is when I find Peace.

I share Who I Am most often by writing and when Spirit flows I FEEL that I am being of service. And being of service can only lead to Inner Peace.

I AM A NICE LOOKING PERSON, actually I Am the nicest looking person that I think I know. But again that goes to show you, not knowing anyone that is not part of me, indicates that we are ALL good looking.

As pertains to my picture (on the inner leaf), I feel that my desire was to present an image of the wisdom of a jolly Old Soul.

"Actually" she says "your relating to a wanna-be hippie who is trying to rebel against conformity is more appropriate."

Nah, you just want everyone to realize that my feminine side is equal to the task at hand, by enhancing my desire for long hair. Now the buckskin coat is my attempt to honour my four legged Brothers and the medicine pouch around my neck honours All My Relations and truly holds all our power.

"Better sage your computer room," she says "it's getting rather thick in here!"

Oh well!

My (lifelong, it seems) desire to understand the concept of Twin Flames is my Soul yearning to return home and to convey to me that it is the balancing of one's Self that leads to freedom and the expression of Who we really are.

In order to experience this world of duality it was essential that the Monad or Spirit differentiate into two aspects. Our global purpose is Being, Becoming Whole, Balancing our dual aspects, to manifest the Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter. Our individual purpose is to realize the same within and without. Our challenges, windows of opportunity, are many and the most significant, for me, has been to overcome the illusion of separation.

One of my greatest blessings was to experience my Soul Compliment, to experience the Love of Spirit and although we were perhaps not ready to unite in journey, one fine day it shall be. All Twin Flames will re-unite, return home, that they may glorify God, that they may radiate a higher aspect of the Light of Eternal Love.

"Sage the room" She says "So Be It"

And So It Is!

I studied numerology many years ago along with palmistry, astrology and a few other sciences. They all are valid sources of knowledge that contribute to both human and cosmic awareness. I still find them fascinating although I must admit I am not the (self proclaimed) intellectual I once thought I was. Today I seem to be more centred on feeling. Perhaps it is because I have often rationalized myself to death.

I must also confess that I am not a great fan of "Channels". Not because I have difficulty accepting most as being sincere, they are. Yet I have found (my discernment) few to be what I would term clear channels. Factoring in human translation (personality) and the desire to manifest income from their endeavours, rather than trusting that Spirit will supply all ones needs has (for me) clouded so many honest attempts to serve.

Perhaps this is why I do not consider Anne as a channel. For me she is a direct link to the Masters. A Master, yet as she says we are all Masters, true, true, true.

It was a remark from Anne, returning to mind, that was tonight's catalyst. It was the comment that … "of course I knew that “The Three Musketeers" was a story about the Trinity?"

With her smile and the twinkle in her eye, which still creates a wondrous glow within my Heart, I knew that this comment was to indicate to me something important. Of course as was all her sharing of the Masters Love and wisdom. To be truthful, although I am quite familiar with the term "Trinity" and its concept, I do feel that is the only statement of that meeting that I have not fully comprehended the reason why it is so important.

I relate the "Trinity" to: Spirit, The Christ Consciousness and our Creator ... Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (triad).

Often I have related to the "Three" aspects of Being such as: body, mind, soul; physical, emotional, spiritual; etc., etc, etc.

I also relate the essence of our Soul, that resides in that inner secret chamber of our Heart, as consisting of three primordial atoms of conscious energy. These atoms retaining all memory of our incarnations as well as the memory of our Divine Source. They being the link or bridge between physical Being and Spiritual Being. The concept of that which is the permanent aspect of our Being, that which remains after the dissolution of the physical and emotional bodies is, to me, a basic Truth. Thus again the "Trinity". Yet the question may arise, why three?

A plausible contribution to an answer, for me, is the necessity of energy (Light) and consciousness (Love) to have a carrier (Fohat) or medium to function in. I could, being one of intellectual bent, list many aspects of the "Three". Love to complicate things, I do.

Yet the simplest answer should also suffice as an aspect of Truth and it does.

I think what I am trying to expand is my awareness of the relationship the Monad has when manifested as the Twin Flames of Being. Each Flame manifesting as an individual Being to experience a world of DUALITY.

Are we the carrier, the vehicle for the experience of Light and Love?

I feel that is so.

Why is the aspect of three so important in a world of positive/negative and good/evil, etc and etc? What then is the relationship between the three and five? Neat, if we should consider the five senses merging with the One (Light/Love), does that facilitate the sixth sense? Why do I desire to expand the understanding of the One Truth that Love Is All That Is? Why do I feel this is a profound facet of Being, that its awareness may be necessary to facilitate the reunification of Spirit and Matter?

For most of us (certainly moi) a tangible nudge is at times necessary to remind us that we are not only loved but We Are Love. Happened to me yesterday via computer and I would like to share this now, in hope that it may also serve to remind All how much She cares.

I have been rather busy renovating my sister's new home and the ol bod occasionally tells me it needs some TLC too. So during an ache break I will sit before the Computer God and catch up on what is happening. It is on most of the time as I have a DSL connection to the internet. But the system is rather old so I turn off the monitor.

On my windows desktop I have the programs I most frequently use and two links that serve as inspiration for me. They are two letters sent to me by my Beloved Francis, "Dark Night of the Soul" and "I Am All That Is".

Firstly I must admit that I too at times still feel the loneliness and anguish of this journey to the Divine, this Journey to Surrender. I am my own worst enemy of course (anyone else relate to that?) and although I know I Am Loved the ego still fights for recognition, desperately at times me thinks. Secondly, I had not referred to my inspirational links for some time. Too busy, too caught up in my self chosen helter skelter world.

Yesterday afternoon I turned the monitor on to find the page "I Am All That Is" filling the screen. I thought that I must have inadvertently clicked the mouse on that icon when the monitor was off. Then I remembered it takes two clicks to open anything on the desktop. And then, then I considered that there is no such thing as coincidence.

And then, then, then I just sat back and read this message from Heaven. It was indeed sorely needed and as my eyes moved down the page I became overwhelmed with the Love of my Brother, my Soul, my God. The tears began to flow as I realized I had been trying, again, to close my heart, to centre my Being in the outer world of drama, the illusion of separation and withdrawing from the most beautiful Universe Within and the connectedness to All That Is, to Love.

“I Am All That Is” was not written just to me but to all my world. As my Heart expands, as my awareness returns, as the Love flows again, my wish is that all may Feel the Wonder of Her Love.

My experiences have been no greater or more profound than others if we consider that life provides us with only that which is needed to grow in awareness of Who we are. Infinite Love expanding infinite awareness. And life does not present us with anything that it feels we cannot handle. Another comforting thought.

I experienced a unique blessing one evening while meditating. Suddenly I was overcome with a feeling of profound gratitude. My life flowed before my minds eye and I could not discern any event that did not lead to an expansion of awareness. Sometimes a gentle nudge to guide me upon my path. Sometimes a slap in the face with a frozen fish. To be truthful I still need the occasional nudge. And I have learned that perhaps I may still need a face guard.

On another occasion while talking with my Beloved Anne and I must admit that I value her words more than most because she is another of my greatest blessings, she concluded our conversation by saying "Beloved, know that when you express from your Heart, it is the Christ, it is Love that is speaking"

We are truly Blessed.

Self-love is an awareness. It is awakening to the Living Christ of our being. For we are Hu - mans being. God manifesting through being.

We begin to understand when we realize that the inward journey, seeking to touch our souls, to find ourselves, can be a selfish act. Shutting out any facet of our world is shutting our hearts to the Living Christ within. It is difficult to realize love of self when we are not aware that the world is our mirror, reflecting back to us the magic and mystery of our being.

By opening up our hearts, in the selfless act of giving, we begin to receive. To receive the opulence and riches of God's full presence.

When we realize that we are the mirrors to others, who touch our paths and that by giving our love we receive our love.

Balance and harmony - the awareness that we are one with all that is, that all is good, that all is God.

By respecting all living things, we respect ourselves. We all have needs, desires and aspirations. By honouring others we honour ourselves. We achieve harmony within our being. Balance!

To look at any facet of our world and say Beloved, I love you totally, I love you completely. I accept you unconditionally, is considering every opportunity to express our love a gift, a blessing.

At times I wonder why I am here. Am I here to be a catalyst in another's life, to assist in their spiritual growth?

I realize that I am here for my spiritual growth and indeed I Am a catalyst. Am I here seeking completion, to express my love, to become whole, that Spirit might guide me towards the next phase of my journey?

I am here to share, to express, to love, to become more aware of my world and myself. As I become more aware, some of that which I accept as knowledge becomes wisdom. As I experience knowledge it becomes wisdom.

I am realizing more and more that it is a journey of surrender. Surrendering to Who I really am, to love.

Life happens, we don't seem to have any control. There are only choices and what we choose in the moment determines what happens upon our path and yes at times it is very difficult to see the road ahead.

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