NOW then really, what is time?

Upon this journey of mine?

May I suggest that "On cutting of the energy chords, I believe that when one can come from their inner Divine Self and just "allow" another being to BE, without judging, without attaching, without feeling hurt, without feeling bitter, without feeling anger, without feeling sorrow, without feeling guilt and without feeling FEAR," ..... one is living in the moment.

And by living in the moment, one can only be aware of the beautiful, majestic Soul Presence, that guides, heals and allows all to be as it should be.

Really how can one feel anything other than Self-Love when totally in the Presence of Love? Right now, as I sit here, contemplating my navel, considering only my Being, for that is all that is here, is me, is my world, really that is only Love. I Am a Loving Being, I Am Beautiful. I may not be able to control external stimulus, yet I can control how I react. I can choose, each moment, how I react. Damn it, I chose not to react. I choose to act.

A big Hmmmmmmmmmmmm .................... choosing to act rather than to react gives me Total control. What fun!

But, what about the leeches, them scum sucking bas..... that have tried forever to bring me down to their level?

Another big Hmmmmmmmm ..............Love is All there Is !!! ........ SO my Love is endless!! WOW !!!!!

You may drain my resources, only if I limit my Self. .......WO-man I Am strong, ..... I Am thinking I Am strong? Am I Hu-man? Am I God manifesting through WO-MAN?

Dear Precious Ladies, take your power and KNOW that you are the salvation of our world. KNOW that I, Stephen, honour and worship you as the Divine Beings, that you are. The Feminine aspect of Being, IS THE POWER OF LOVE.

For me, polarity and for that matter any perception of duality is but an aspect of the illusion of separation.
My feelings are that Creator, through the Universal intent of experiencing It's Self, set into motion the scenario of HU-manity (God manifesting through man). Whereby Spirit volunteered to split into the dual aspects of Being, the Alpha and the Omega. (Man/Woman, positive/negative, etc.) We, through the gift of free will, have chosen to perceive and ... judge ... what is considered to be right/wrong, good/bad, etc.

The key is "Experience". We are here in this moment of the Eternal Now to experience Being, life as we perceive it to Be. Again through the blessing of free will, this experiment has certainly manifested many facets of the One Diamond. For in Truth, We are One. One in the brotherhood of man, one with all our relations, one with our Beloved Earth Mother.

Living in the moment, forever striving to become more aware of our true nature (Love), leads to an expansion of Being. The goal, eventually re-incorporating/dispelling the illusion of duality. Thus expanding the Light of Eternal Love to the Greater Glory of God.

All the darkness that we may choose to perceive cannot extinguish the light of one small candle. Love IS and is All That Is.

Indeed one feels Love because one is Love. Such a glorious aspect of Being is Feeling. Truly we can not force anyone to accommodate us or our perceptions of what we think should be.

I feel that one of the hardest lessons to learn is "detached Love", yet tis a sure way not to be a doormat and at the same time to radiate the Light of the Soul, to mirror to All the Beauty within.

I would be confident that should you look into a mirror ... at those beautiful eyes (which are the window to the soul) that you would see the same Glorious Being that I see.

Are not tests opportunity for the True Self to express?

Is not conflict the opportunity to experience the True Self?

Detachment ......... difficult to Master, yet I relate it to an old saying .... "He who has no wants or desires, ... has everything." And I Feel that the door to this Mastery is Self Love.

I would also offer that when one is centered in the Heart of Love, in their Christ Consciousness, Love Is Boundless.

I feel that when Centered, when Detached this Boundless Love will attract to us both that which we need and those whom we seek to help. This may mean conflict, tests ... but I prefer to call these opportunities .... to learn to grow and to serve.

One of my favourite sayings is:

"Freedom is a state of love. It is being attached to the cause of that love, yet being detached from the result or the effect of that love."

I have found through my yearning to understand the "Trinity" as an aspect of All That Is, a very powerful meditative concept. Yet again one that requires a certain degree of Self Mastery. For the energy of such high vibration is not selective and serves to magnify all in one's facets of Being. Be there any baggage still to heal requires the commitment to deal with it too.

"Total Surrender to the Light of the Soul is the way", She says. So true!

Understanding the bodies, the vehicles of manifestation, I find intriguing as well. The physical of course is easy, the Love of the Soul is felt, the Body of Spirit yet a dream. Is the vehicle of Spirit 5th dimensional? Me thinks it is somewhat higher.

As the "Sepentary" contemplates the "Trinity", the "One" knows it's self yet as half of a spark of Eternal Love that yearns to reunite, thus as is through Grace of God, the Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter the goal of evolution. And the journey continues forever onward, forever upward.

Dieing to journey into the Light of Eternal Love, we are!
Yet in this life to be born again.
Never more to know death as other than change.
As in Light, with Light, Love and Truth

To compare, to label, to judge necessitates a view or perception of separation. It is also akin to the desire for an external influence, an external stimulation to satisfy or justify Love for One's Self.

May I offer that the most important and truly the only relationship to be of concern is the One with One's Self. As we go within the Heart of the living Christ. As we consciously expand the awareness of our true Being, comes the awareness also that All is One. That in truth this relationship Is one with All That Is. Only then, perhaps, can we fully encompass an ever expanding world, attract to us that which Spirit intends for us. Whether it is a partner to serve with or a group of like minded souls to associate with or a particular Master's Light to mirror to our little worlds, it is only through demonstrating Real Self Love (Soul awareness) and being able to live in the Eternal Now that true Service Begins.

It matters not what we as the little ego desires to justify our existence, what the little ego searches for externally to stimulate one's life. And by living in the moment it is increasingly difficult not to become more aware of the Source of All that lies within.

What matters is the relationship we strive for with the One True God .... with Love. And then from a Loving Heart we discern our little worlds, knowing that the illusion of separation no longer has it's tentacles anchored in the flesh of our minds desire.

The only True Relationship is with One's Self. With the God/Goddess that we are. The Relationship with All That IS!

The Universe lies Within!

In my minds eye I see a Beautiful Hermit, sitting atop a cliff overlooking the ocean and the endless stretch of beach below. The power of the surf echoes in her ear. The gentle ocean breeze caresses her cheek.

Tis a most Wonder filled, Magical landscape.

Slightly below and to her right reclining upon a Sun kissed outcropping, of this Majestic cliffside, is a most unusual character. What is this apparition, looking up at her in profound admiration. Tis not a Undine, although it seems as if he would be comfortable around a fresh water mountain lake. Is it the sea god "Aegir" gazing upon his counterpart, the beautiful sea goddess "Ran"? Is it a "Sea Gnome"?

Their eyes meet, their hearts touch, they are at One with the Mother. Looking now out over the sea they realize it is the Waters of Life before them. Is it time for them to cross these waters, to enter the New Consciousness, to be initiated into realm of Spirit? Perhaps.

She hears, oh come with me, Beloved of my Heart, let our Spirits soar with the Eagles above. Let us join with all our brothers and sisters to honor the God/Goddess that we are. Let us all walk upon these waters to that far off shore where there is only Balance, Harmony and JOY !

I Am a fortunate soul indeed. Blessed, I might add, with an inquiring mind that has unlimited resources to call upon. While there are at times the need to only quiet my thoughts to enable that all knowing Presence within to shed the Light required, often she may whisper a name or present a thought to use as reference. Leads me down the garden path at times too.

A case in point, I but had to mention during afternoon tea the desire to know a bit more about the Enchanted Realm and possibility of Sea Gnomes. Whereby my sister Judy jumped up and said I have just the information you desire. You see she is the resident Enchanted Guru that carries chocolate with her upon our summer walks. To place under mushrooms growing wild along the path. For the little ones she says, it is. And although both my older sister Verdelle and my mother Velma converse regularly with tree spirits, elementals and other mystical fairies, Judy's knowledge often amazes me.

Upstairs she went to return shortly with two books. She thumbed through them briefly, marking a few pages and said here this may help. I then spent the next hour being fascinated with the words before me. Before I continue, I must share a bit more about my family. Mom has an alter on the rear deck dedicated to the God Pan, to whom she converses with regularly. Full of rocks and crystals, figures of chipmunks, squirrels and numerous other little critters. Then there are the bird feeders that hang in the gazebo. Statues of Angels, turtles, a frog king, hedgehogs and other neat things (no other word describes better) are scattered throughout the yard. And, of course, there are two handsome Gnomes guarding the wood shed. Did I mention the two Gargoyles, Prometheus and Epametheus, that are perched high upon the deck overlooking our enchanted world. Neat, my family is.

Once (not) I was told that true happiness is only found within. Yet the joy I feel walking through an enchanted forest or the exhilaration of a mountain meadow or the overwhelming desire to float up to the sky upon an ocean breeze sure does the trick for me. Yes I have the sea in my Heart of Hearts and it is the youthful exuberance that our Beloved Earth Mother surrounds me with that sustains my desire to better know Spirit and that I Am One with All this Beauty. Old Salty, I shall never be.

I have heard you, Dear Precious Siren, and I have danced with you long into the night of my dreams. And so blessed we are that the Winds of Heaven Dance Between Us.

Most of us, I presume, accept that I Know Everything !!!

And to establish this understanding more clearly, I am to share the following experience with you. Ready??

Yesterday Gram, Judy and your little brother traveled to my Beloved White Rock on the mainland, in Judy's brand new car (another story) to visit an Aunt that has been diagnosed terminally ill. A most Beautiful Lady she is (also another story). And the experience of returning to this momentous place of Grand Adventure and tremendous heartache is too another story.

This story begins upon the return to Vancouver Island. We arrived at the Ferry Terminal early, as it was the second last sailing of the day and expected have quite a long lineup. We were right and pleased to be in the second line of four (about three hundred cars). And being early gave me opportunity to snooze upon the wonderful reclining driver's seat. Neat car, a Hyundai Elantra VE. Back to the story.

When the time arrived for our line to load, I started the car (and what a quiet car it is) and as the cars ahead were starting to move attempted to put ours in Drive to follow. NOT, the gear shift would not budge. Try as I might and with Judy's might we could not move it. Oh well, right? A new car. These things happen and it comes with road side assistance that is guaranteed to be there within a half hour. So we miss this ferry, there is one more in two hours. Of course I remembered taking into the house all the manuals and information about the road side assistance the night before. Maybe we could call the salesman? Mind you his business card was with the manuals. Oh for a brick or perhaps a crowbar.

Dejected we sat in a now empty parking lot. Soon though upon the horizon appeared a tow truck, with yellow flashing lights. Pulled up to the front of our sweet little, unhappy limo, he did and proceeded to come to my window and ask that I pop the hood. Rescued I thought, honouring his request. Shortly thereafter I proceeded to assist him when he had difficulty finding the safety catch. Rescued I hoped?

Nothing to it for a mechanical minded soul, such as myself. Open Sesame!! Success, yet what was this he said ..."It's running!!"

Yes I offered (did I mention how quiet it was?).... a brand new, two day old car with a jammed gearshift. I can't get it out of park.

"Did you put your foot on the brake?" he says. Rather stunned I returned to the, oh so comfortable drivers seat that reclines, sat down, pressed the brake pedal and gently slid the lever into drive.

Sheepishly looking up at the smiling face I ask ... can we still get on to the ferry?

"Sure" I am informed. So with three deep breathes occurring in the vehicle, simultaneously, we graciously support the old adage First In Line .... Last On.

Another Grand Adventure to further establish that I, the good lookin guy with the beard, NOW ..... Knows Everything !!!!

Mastering the trials and tribulations of life does set one free. Now if I can but master the emotions or mirth that occurred during the rest of the trip.

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