Now, about Intuition. I feel (and for me it is most often a feeling) it is communication with the Soul. A more perfect form of thought coming from the Soul Dimension, a more purrrrfect reality (I do really love our Feline friends), vibrating upon a higher level.

My feelings are that "manifestation" is the result of creating with focused intent. If it be a fleeting thought, although it plays out in an alternate reality, little is realized upon this dimension. Probably a good thing, for me! Sustained focus, even if it be such as worry, is giving more energy to the subject, object or objective and thus has better opportunity to eventuate. Focused intent from the Heart is an act of Love.

Brings me back to acting vs. reacting. If I choose to act upon any stimulus, I retain a measure of control. If I react, I give up control

Intuition and manifestation are facets of Being, of Us,
of God.

Intuition, acted upon (with focused intent) is a manifestation (creation) of Love. And since All Is Love, it is wise to focus upon (choices) only that which is for the highest good. May our intuition stimulate desire.

May our desire be passionate. May our passion be focused by the Light of Eternal Love.

Non-dualism, the merging of consciousness, is the goal as perceived by the lesser Self.

Perhaps this it is a truth on all levels. For even the Spirit that has drawn back into its innermost sphere the actor it sent out to experience duality, it has never forgotten the other aspect of it's Being called the Twin Flame. It too knows itself as the lesser, yearning and seeking Wholeness. The Ultimate Goal, the Sacred Union, we so often hear about as that between Spirit and Matter, on a lesser level is the Sacred Union of Souls.

Yet as the Masters so demonstrate, the One Essence at times is known as two. Examples are Lord Michael and Lady Faith, Sananda and the Blessed Mother Mary, Kuthumi (also known as St Francis) and my Beloved Anne (Lady Gabrael) ... there are so many examples.

That the Master Kuthumi can appear as Brother Francis to one and in the same instance to another on the other side of the Earth is documented. That my Beloved Brother St. Germain chooses to channel through various Beautiful Souls, as does Lord Michael. And of course this applies to All our Beloved Brothers (and Sisters) of the Light. That they can manifest in the physical, although I would deem it necessary to accept that their chosen vehicle is not necessarily the same as the one we use, demonstrates that they at will can journey, with Full Awareness, to any realm they choose. Take upon themselves any vehicle they choose. Or perhaps is it that they separate a part of themselves to take the form of masculine and to another feminine or to one Kuthumi and another Francis. Or perhaps it is that they Know themselves as All That Is and can at will shine as any aspect of Being.

To ponder this is ....... The Universe is everything in it's Self. Ever expanding. And as our minds, uniting with Heart and Spirit to give it meaning, facilitate Union so that Divine Intent is made manifest.


A little trick I learned about meditation is to Feel the Moment. Endeavor to be aware of every atom and cell of your Being as it is existing in the moment. No thoughts of past or future, journeys or tribulations can exist in this Feeling of the Eternal Now. Whilst in this state one is closest to their Spirit and allows Spirit to expand our awareness of Self. It is the most thrilling of experiences, to just BE. Not concerned with results or adventures, Spirit finally gets a chance to shine through its physical vehicle. Tis a joy!

A furtherance to this: I find that my Feeling during meditation centers firstly upon the Trinity of Spirit, Soul and Mind. Actually it is if I am slightly behind my mind, in an area of gentle peace. The watcher, I might say. Yet consciously aware of the three as Spirit fuels the Soul that, in turn, enlightens the Mind. My goal is usually to just BE but there are occasions when images or visions appear, it is in the area that I would associate with the Third Eye. Then there are times that I too am carried away upon the ethers. Where I Am but a Presence in the scenario.
What fun!

If we relate to death as only the transition from one state of Being to another, (and to die does mean to change) this statement would be more difficult to understand. Yet when we consider the perception of death as the next level of Being, and the realization that we already are that "next level" occurs, the statement makes further sense. We are the Soul made manifest on this plane.
We are "death living".

No-Thing is equal to the manifestation of Love, yet All-Things are the manifestation of Love. A true statement? Perhaps depends on the perception of the facet viewing the diamond. Confusing I Am, I Know. Creating Joy upon this Path, I sow. The intent is that what I reap is the Magnificent Glory of the Soul.

Where do I get these thoughts?

Meanwhile, back to the question, "supposing that Soul=Death?". The "word" is the nasty and the poets dream is to offer words that convey his/her intent, not subject to interpretation. Me thinks that I may have a ways to go. Yet better said it would be that the poet's dream is to convey words that are interpreted as to his/her intent.

"Okay, okay, enough", she says.

Supposing that the Soul resides in the state of death, as we perceive that state to be, then it too is a facet of same. But equal to, I feel not. My perception of death is that it is a point of transformation, not to be feared, to be embrace with joy.

When I consider the word "ascension", it is with the feeling that, although it is associated with change or death (the shedding of a vehicle), the preference is to raise the vibration of the vehicle, transmute one's conscious and physical Being to a higher level. Taking the Sea Gnome with me, I Am. And considering this to be the goal of humanity .... to raise the vibration of our little worlds ... thereby assisting our Beloved Earth Mother to Ascend to the next level of existence ... Awareness ... the Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter, the goal is worth the effort. A "Divine Principle" being ... life is an intended journey to raise the awareness of Self.

The Dear Lord puts on our plate only that which provides opportunity for spiritual growth and never puts in our path more than He knows we can handle.
What seems now such a long time ago, I received a true blessing, a treasure in the form of verse, from someone I did not know. A lady that I would be introduced to about six months later.

I had lost my son Christopher in a tragic accident on our farm and touching my Heart with such a Loving verse helped immensely during those dark days.

I was at a local service station/cafe getting gas one morning, talking to a fellow farmer, when a lovely lady passed by, saying hello. She was one of those beautiful people that radiated peace and love. My friend mentioned, after she had gone, that she too had experienced a tragic loss about two years before.

One day at that same place she had left her car running, with her two children inside, to go in to get some supplies. She came out moments later to find her car on fire, her two children locked inside. She watched them die while everyone was frantically trying to do something.

God's Lent Child

It is an honour to share this verse that I received at a time most appropriate. Yet it comes to mind that I have written little about Christopher's death or this Beloved Angel that does visit me on occasion.

I remember after rushing him to the hospital, the doctor coming to us some time later, with ashen face, to announce that he had died instantly in the accident. I asked if I might sit with him for awhile.

The first thing I noticed was that they had not closed his eyelids. As I sat there, I thanked him for gracing my life and then, quite calmly tried to assist him in making the transition. Blessing him, letting his Soul go.

I remember days later sitting in a shopping mall, devoid of feeling, of emotion, totally alone, yet thankful for all the hustle and bustle around me.

I feel the anguish and heartache generated by these memories and as the tears flow I realize that I too may still have an attachment to the tragedy.

And I give thanks for the opportunity to re-visit these energies and perhaps to let them go.

May there be only Love in this Heart of mine,
For this Heart is Divine.
And although, at times, mind leads me astray,
The Light within shows the way
To return to peace, to harmony.
This Heart needs not to let you go,
Beloved Child of mine.

For you are always there, to share,
The joy
In the Knowing
That we are One.

When I write it is often because of the compelling need to share and I feel my words to be more meaningful when they reflect the passion of my love. For me that passion is fueled by and the result of experience. I truly believe that we are here to experience God, that which we are.
All our journeys are blessed and unique. I do not feel that my journey has been any tougher than others. Who is to say that we all have not experienced in a moment of our holographic universe the same joys and sorrows.

I believe that our world is an experiment in duality, that we are unique. Good and evil, positive and negative, compassion and judgment, all to experience God, the Alpha and Omega of Being. There is Divine Purpose in All That Is. I believe that we are entering into a time of Enhancement, a graduation into a higher frequency of Being. And to graduate there is going to be, in each of our lives, opportunities of stress and anguish to enable us to take full advantage of the Love and Light that we already are. It is with humble gratitude that I share my experiences in hope they might offer, in some small way, encouragement to others.

It is so important to Know that we are loved. That we are Love

We are all teachers as we are all students. Tis the sharing of Who we are that is important.

Closer and closer it goes! Sooner than later it comes!
For years now I have felt (and known) that one of my fondest desires is to (assist?) manifest such a center of Divine Love, sharing and learning.

I know of a place in the Slocan Valley (Kootney region of British Columbia) where there was unoccupied retreat for sale about five years ago. One of the most magical and beautiful areas that I have EVER been to!

I saw a place one the west coast of Vancouver Island, about four years ago, a camp ground by the sea, that would be perfect for such a retreat. I have had visions of a circular group of buildings with two sweat lodges and a medicine wheel within the center compound. The buildings comprising everything from the corner store to supply the happy campers (many camping spots, good beach access), chapel/meeting hall, lecture/training rooms, massage/therapy rooms, native arts/crafts store, cooking facilities .......... etc.

When I owned a small farm in north central Saskatchewan, (about 107 years ago) I had visions of creating a metaphysical center of learning on the property. The only prerequisite to attending was to write an essay on the Aquarian Age. Even drew the plans for the complex.

I know of a magical valley called Methow, where a Beloved Sistar lives that would be perfect and have had visions of a wonderful complex there.

I have traveled to many magical places that would be ideal for such a center. I have had many visions of participating in such a grand adventure. And yes I still have the desire, the passion to manifest such a place.

And now I have found the Most Magical, Divine location. Accessible to all, very easy to travel to (various modes of transportation available). A place where there is a super strong Vortex of Divine Love. Unlimited room to camp, to share, to learn, to grow. Filled with enchantment and mystery, Oneness/Connectedness is the most glorious aspect.

It is within my Heart.
My brothers and sisters are All there! Such a magnificent place of Love!
FEEL the peace, the balance, the harmony, the joy that abounds.
Travel restrictions .... only that you become aware of the Most Beautiful Being that You Are!
Welcome to my world. Welcome to my Heart,
which IS your Heart too!

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