Some of my thoughts about the Violet Flame:

It is an aspect of the One Eternal Flame. As that light is channeled or prisms to our beautiful little world, it becomes seven. The seventh light or ray is the Violet Flame. It's custodian or sponsor is our Beloved St Germain.

As a part of our being, yes it is always there. It is an aspect of the Unfed Threefold Flame within our heart, which to me is the Living Christ, the soul. When I designed the logo for Spirit Quest, I realized the encompassing Violet Flame as the sacred union of the Pink Flame of Love and the Blue Flame of Power or Will.

To me the Violet Flame is an aspect of Divine Love, a specific vibration or color of Love that transmutes all to a higher level. Love heals all, Love is all That Is. I give thanks for the blessing of simplicity. For all it takes is to open ones heart, realizing that love is always there. A kind word, a loving touch, a moment of love shared are all that it takes to make my day worthwhile and to feel the expanding glow of His Presence.

I Am a being of Violet fire,
I Am the purity that God desires!
My heart is ablaze with the Violet Flame,
called forth now in God's own name!
May it set my temple free, from all discord sent to me!


A topic that is important to all of us and rightly so. I do not want to invalidate anyone's opinion, yet I must share from my soul (she wants credit for this). We must each follow are hearts. There must indeed be an energy exchange. Money is purchasing power. And words from my beloved Anne "love does not need to charge for love". To me there is no conflict in these statements. The Will of Heaven provides all that we need, if we but surrender to that Will.

I believe that those who are focused on making money tarnish and eventually lose the gift or blessing they are trying to offer. Letting go and letting God opens up all the right doors. Focusing on the exchange of love does not mean the object of your attention must love you back. You will receive exactly what you require from a Loving Source.

I have been shown this many times although it is often hard to see the forest for the trees. If I were to state a theme for my life, it would be love and loss. And yet what I have gained is priceless.

I remember early one summer life at Crescent Beach as being beautiful, but I had started to run out of purchasing power. No gas, no food, no work, I was becoming quite anxious. Riding my spare (bicycle) one morning I remembered why I had started this journey two years before. Why I gave everything away to hit the road. It was to let spirit guide me. If I was going to continue on this path I must learn to trust. To surrender to my spirit, to let go.

Fortified with food for thought on I road. That summer I seldom had more that five dollars in my pocket, yet whatever I really needed was there. Sometimes it was food from the food bank or a friend would drop by and ask if I would go for lunch, something he wanted to talk about.

Near the end of the summer a dear friend was going through a very stressful time in Nelson (interior of B.C.). When she was in White Rock we would often go for long walks on the beach or meet for coffee. She called one morning in dire straits. Compassion flowing and my heart reaching out I said wouldn't it be nice if we could meet in Osoyoos (half way point) for coffee. She agreed it would be a blessing. That afternoon I received a call from the White Rock Hospice Society. I had been a client volunteer, on the board of directors and designed their computer software, over a three year period shortly after moving to White Rock. They asked if I would install a network system for them. I said gladly, could I get an advance? I was off to Osoyoos the next morning. My friend and I spent the next two days in Penticton (just north of Osoyoos) getting giddy in a fine English pub, sitting on a mountain top gazing at the stars with more than the occasional sobbing on my shoulder. Energy exchange?? I know I felt blessed to have been able to be there for her.

I do not consider myself a healer yet there has been a few times I have teamed up with my beloved Natalie, who is a very gifted healer, at healing clinics based strictly on donation. My hands would get so hot I feared touching anyone. No one complained and I realized it was not me producing this energy, it was love flowing from the source of All That Is. Moneys derived from the sessions were always forwarded to another worthwhile cause.

My journey is one of surrender. You cannot walk in my shoes nor can I in yours. At times people have asked me why I am always to positive, so happy. To be honest, sometimes it has been a front to hide the anguish and pain but most often it is because I realize that at the end of the day I will have received exactly what I need to grow. In love and loving service.

One of my poems "The Burning Ground" reflects my journey and my belief that at the end of the day when there is nothing left but the light of God I will have everything. I will be the riches and opulence of God's full presence…. "Follow your heart beloved and remember I Am always loving you."

Many thoughts have been traversing the highways and byways of this device, this instrument, I call my mind.

Yet "mind" is just a tool for Spirit. The brain is both a receiver and transmitter yet it is only the conduit, the facilitator for interaction between the Heart (Spirit's representative upon this Journey to the Divine) and our (so called) external world."

"Speaking of Spirit, little one, consider these two thoughts."

Okay ..... "Passion" and now "Detachment" ..... is that what I have been waiting for?

"Yes, little one." .... thank Goddess that she is here! ...... Where do we begin?

"Perhaps a short side trip is in order. You know where to send them" ....... Right. May I refer you to something I wrote 107 years ago (seems so anyways). It is entitled, of course "Passion"


Tears are the nectar of the soul and they nourish the passion in my heart. The passion of love.

That passion fuels my desire. My desire to be who I Am. My desire to express my love. My desire to write these words, to understand my journey and your journey too.

My desire to whisper in your ear, to caress your cheek, to touch your heart. And at times the aching in my loins is the result of my desire to be with you, to celebrate two souls in love, uniting in a moment of ecstasy.

Two souls in love with life, the essence of that life, the spirit within, flowing freely and uninhibited by the illusions of separation. Sharing, giving, receiving, celebrating the innocence, purity and beauty of the physical beings that we are.

And as the tears flow, the passion grows.

To stop those tears I must close my heart, yet that would make it explode. Love that is not expressed festers, veiling the beauty of the essence within.

I could give up and wither away or to survive this journey I could look for my soul and prey that it will take control. Which shall I choose?

At times when I come closer to the Christ within, I begin to understand. To understand the hurt and pain. But then the tears begin to flow again. And I know those tears may flow forever or until we are one again.

I realize the blessing of your presence in my life. No other love could so quickly attract my soul. I do want to survive, to serve and love you more.

Letting go of my fears is the task at hand and I believe that I have done quite well. In fact, I feel there is only one fear left.

As memories return of words written long ago "Do I Love You That Much" comes to mind and in that is expressed my greatest fear. Can I survive if you were to love another, as I love you?

As my love grows and glows I can more readily accept my journey and yours too. I can accept and love you unconditionally and always be there for you.

Understanding my journey enables me to understand your journey too, although I cannot walk in your shoes.

Your journey is as important and as blessed as mine.

To be who you are, to touch your soul, to express your love and to serve.

All I can do is prey that all you experience in life draws you closer to your soul. And to allow the nectar of my soul to nourish my life with joy and sorrow, knowing that there is a tomorrow. Knowing that as I become more of my soul, you are too.

I believe that I do love you that much and as my soul awareness grows, the fear dissipates.

So let the tears flow, knowing that I am loving you, that it is my soul nourishing my life with the passion of love.

The passion of eternal love, the passion to be.

Beloved of my soul,

I Am Loving you.

The true measure of a man's worth is the distance of his soul.

Now to another famous saying ..... "Freedom is a state of love. It is being attached to the cause of that love, yet being detached from the result or the effect of that love." .... hmmm, wonder who said that? ...... "I did, of course, you knew that" ..... yes, Dear One, I was though, hoping that they would think it was mine ...... "It is ours, Stephen. So is it not true that what is yours is mine and what is mine is mine too?"

Okay, ever onward! .... Ever ...... !

The Passion to Be ... How do we really relate to this, to the world of mystery, the world of enchantment?

Reminds me of a story heard long ago about an Elderly lady, who when slightly inebriated, thought it wise to take a taxi home, (man should be so wise). After giving somewhat garbled directions to the driver, settled down for a long winters nap. When she awoke sometime later, and after looking out the window, she, to the cabby's duress touched him on the shoulder, saying ...."your passionate". Of course, being a gentleman, he ignored her and drove on. Again she shook his shoulder and said "you're passionate". Now quite disgruntled, the man turned to her and said ... "Madame, I am not interested" ................ "Stupid man, (she says) turn around .... you passsed it!"

Hey, folks, are we "passionate"? ........ I think not ...... well maybe! Yet to understand .... what is passion? Reading "Spirit Quest", you may gleen a better understanding of a poets passion...

Yet, is it energy, is it feeling, is it Fire? Is it commitment, is it focused intent?

All that I write, I write with passion. "The Burning Ground", I wrote with passion. "Do I Love You that Much", I wrote with passion. "Fantasy", I wrote with passion.

What a Blessing is Life, Lived with Passion. The highs and the lows, the good times and the ... (not so good times).

"So", she says, "What is passion?" ..... "And don't forget about detachment!"

Damn, just when I was remembering a story about a lady in Nantucket ....... oh well!

Perhaps, and I say perhaps "Passion" is Feeling. Do we have a "feel" for life? Or do we just exist? What is feeling warm, feeling cold compared with "Feeling from the Heart" ......... "PASSION" ..... Is connecting with one's Soul, true passion?

My Beloved Francis wrote to me ... I AM the transformation; I AM the alchemist. I want only for you to know that all the days of your life - throughout the aeons of time, I AM your shepherd - you are my lamb. I love you, I honour you, I have created you. As you grow in your knowledge of me so you will know the wonder, the glory, the ecstasy. It is the Ultimate, the supreme delight. It is enchantment….

IT IS PASSION ...... that takes us to the highest highs and the lowest lows. It is passion that leads us to enlightenment. It is passion that allows us to make mistakes and be forgiven. It is passion that drives Humanity to evolve. It is with passion that our Earth Mother cleanses herself that she too might ascend.


There are times when we look in the mirror and say .... Why me? ... What now?... Where am I to go? ....... and etc, etc .... Yet when we gaze upon that same mirror, do we look into our eyes and see the Glory, the Sparkle of the Living Christ within? Do we see the passion?

Our choice, of course, ..... to live with little or no passion ... or perhaps to live the vagabond poet's life! We must remember that each little seed sowed with passion, gathers the Mighty Powers of the Universe to nourish it's Self .... that it may become the Giant Oak, the Master, the Magnificent God/Goddess that It Is. Nothing is humdrum unless we so choose. The seemingly mundane, if allowed and nourished with passion leads to the Glorious Adventure. How do we change the humdrum, the mundane? How do we attract the "Soul mate", the ideal companion upon this "Journey to the Divine"?

By Living in the moment, the Eternal now, by Feeling the Passion flow from our Hearts. By unconditionally Loving our world and all that we are and by unconditionally Accepting that which we shall be.

And finally, to overcome adversity, to see the Blessing of all experience requires "Detachment"

And again ....."Detachment" .... Is ..... "Freedom"

I would not likely be Who I Am, were it not for experience. I would not likely feel this Glorious Enchantment were it not for traversing the "Burning Ground".

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