Often I feel my words are guided by a most beautiful facet of my Spirit. She, yes she, will sit upon my shoulder and whisper in my ear "Seal it with a KISS, Dear One". Or at times she will enter into the conversation and at times direct my thoughts to an "Ah Ha !"

Sometimes stern, always kind, often her humor coming to mind is this Beautiful Presence. My Beloved Companion that is the Light of my Soul.

Throughout "Spirit Quest" I share her love that manifests through conversations.

"KISS" Keep it simple, Stephen.

There are many forms of expression: art, music, prose, poetry, etc., etc. All are forms of self expression. The words sung by your favorite artist may not be theirs but usually it is it is their rendition that touches your Heart. And a Heart that is touched can lead to an expansion of awareness.

Self Expression is the greatest key to awareness. Divine expression is but that which comes from the Heart. Expression is always emotion (energy in motion). And is that not why we are here .... to Transform Energy (pun intended). Another BIG "and" is that energy not expressed only festers. All can relate to what happens then, right?

Compassion, empathy, joy and yes even despair must be expressed to allow the "Energy Transformation". At times (for the poet in all of us) it may lead to release, the next moment it may be to celebrate. The depth of expression is often measured by the energy given it or perhaps the words chosen, yet should be measured by the self-awareness realized. For me the success of the transformation is commonly demonstrated by the attitude of Being.

I am, on occasion, asked why I am so cheerful. More often I am asked why I am so crazy or perhaps why am I such a fool. Perhaps on a good day it is "life would certainly be calmer if you were not around". Then I might ask "but would you miss me?" and the answer is usually yes.

As solace, when I am asked "how will I survive?", I offer the Pendulum Theory. That being.... when the pendulum swings far into the dark realm of despair, you can rejoice, knowing it must swing an equal distance into the Light of joy. There is Always the Light to look forward to. Works for me. Now anywise ... but there was a time for me too that the fish bowl was suffocating. Yet looking back I can rejoice and offer thanks for the experience and that which was made available and created from same.

I would say that to be attached to one's passion and focusing that passion on the Eternal Now leads to total Freedom. Awareness of living in the moment, of Being, leads to Spiritual Awareness. Letting go, allowing Spirit to take control brings the Universe to our stage.

For me, "Passion" is the momentum, the energy transferred from the Heart to any given subject or object. The matter of little, none or overwhelming passion is but a matter of how open one's Heart is. When I accepted that having a vulnerable Heart leads me to not just the deepest of despair but also to the Magical Presence of my Soul, my healing truly began.

Whey I realized that my world was the stage for experience and that all experience mirrored my state of awareness and that which I need to expand that awareness, I truly began to live life with passion. And a passion for all things ... good or not so good.

By being aware of Being, the Universe unfolds before us, embraces us with the Love of Spirit. And that is enchantment!

I see, said the blind man to his deaf wife (as he picked up his hammer and saw). Oh what a brilliant web, of intrigue and light, we weave. Because of events in my life and the Gracious Blessing of being made aware of my Twin Flame, I too have done extensive research on the subject. Yet there is always more to know and more information to digest. That one's conscious understanding (awareness)be elevated to a higher frequency, right?

Back to "terminology". I have always perceived the aspect of Twin Flame as the Divine Twin Ray. Being the original Spark of Love (capital L) that separated in order to experience duality. Therefore understanding the "Twin" aspect in this manner and not associating other terms, such as soul mates, etc. with the dual aspect of our original (semi-original .... she says) source. The ONE Source we know as LOVE.

Long before the fateful meeting, with my Beloved Anne, did I have a fascination with the subject and was often guided to articles, books and teachings. Consulting a few grey cells provides my favourites as being numerous books by our Brother Djwhal Khul and "Twin Flames and Soul Mates" by our Beloved St Germain.

Consulting a few more grey cells I have concluded it was all a set-up. Spirit knew the probability of events and the possibility for advancement, cleansing and most importantly ("True".... she adds) Self Awareness. They were all out to get me, I Am sure.

Back to my meeting with Anne. Early in our conversation it was my intent to explore her relationship with St Francis. Easy enough, just ask. Anne stated that she was Francis's soul compliment. I asked "do you mean Twin Flame?" Yes was the reply.

Much was discussed and certain knowledge was gifted to me that was again part of the set-up.

I have always been an incurable romantic and reason for this (and other facets of your sparkling Being.... she says) was imparted to me in the discussion of my previous life as Alexander Dumas.

A set-up, a set-up ... screams my little ego!!!!

Yes it was, and yet a Blessing I Am only now realizing as one of the greatest blessings that Spirit could offer. Opportunity to experience the most devastating anguish and heartache imaginable. Opportunity to cut deep within the fabric of my Soul experience in order to release baggage, dependence upon external stimulus and influence, fear of betrayal and abandonment, On and on I could go but we all know what is necessary for each of us to experience True Self.

As has stated by another, Beloved Sister, "However, there is love, and there is LOVE. And as old as I am, I do believe I'm beginning for the first time to experience not just love, but LOVE. And I'm experiencing the type of LOVE for SELF that in my opinion, we each need to experience .... "

Ah, the bottom line.

I shall remember every moment with my Beloved Natalie but one moment stands in this moment as being most significant. When she walked into the bedroom one morning, not long before we first parted, and said "Stephen it is all about Self Love"

It is all about Self Love!

Meanwhile back to the set-up. Much later in my conversation with Anne I asked if one day Natalie and I might journey together. Her words "Beloved, if your soul compliment chooses to manifest at this time you will. Natalie has much to work through and if you don't, you must go on. You must find someone on your level to be your companion."

"My level, again part of the set-up," .... little ego still screaming. "Natalie is one of the most beautiful, gifted and Spiritual Beings that has ever entered into our world. How could we be at a higher level."

"WE???" .... she says. As again she shuts down the little trouble maker. Yet in truth Natalie is the most precious and beautiful being that I know and my Soul Knows. For in my soul I knew the first moment I saw her that there was something unique here, an attraction that I could not avoid. A bit of irony, so much transpired during my meeting with Anne that the relevance of her words did not hit me for about two days. I was walking along the beach promenade in White Rock when "wham" the Soul Knowing surfaced. Could barely stand and actually had to hold onto the hand rail. All I could say for the rest of my stroll was "wow, wow".

Not so seriously now. It may be that only Spirit and of course the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Host ("Hmmm ... quite a few" ... she says) truly know what is needed within our aura of experience to facilitate growth. And also not so seriously now, how long did I perpetuate the experience by choice? AND is the return to my Beloved mountains and sea an indication that I am ready for the next stage of my evolution OR must I choose that it is time to put down the hammer and the bow and let Spirit be my guide. (read that somewhere)

"Allow ...... Let Go ..... Let God .... Let Love" she says "Still learning, are we? Remember, little one the finest steel is fired by the hottest flame!"

I Am a Human being, a spark of God manifesting through being. I have many facets and I Am a compilation of all my experiences. I Am a compilation of lifetimes of experiences. I Am a compilation of the soul of humanity. I Am all that is termed good and all that is termed evil. I have been the abused and I have been the abuser. I Am All That Is Stephen.

There are facets of my being that I don't particularly like (some I hope carried over from other lifetimes as I don't know where they came from) and as those facets come to the surface it is up to me to deal with them. I can let them overwhelm me or I can try to bless them and let them go. Sometimes it works and other times a higher power has to be summoned for assistance. But it is always my choice as what to do. I have known the anguish and desperation and asked why me Lord. The answer is always the same "that you might know that you know". That I might become the best I can be? I think not because I Am already All That Is. It is up to me to honour all that I Am and choose from the paths before me. I can take the easy path, the hard path or even the scenic route. All paths eventually lead to the one path and that path is Love.

From the north 40 where it is a fine day for Brother Bear, as it feels that soon we will be needing fur coats.

Lord Michael's Sword of Blue Flame is, I believe, what is being called forth in Francis' decree for our Beloved Spirit to consume, dissolve and purity all our accumulated creations. An interesting aspect of that decree is also his use of the term "Silver Violet Flame".

When I call upon Beloved Lord Michael, which I do often, I also call his Divine compliment Lady Faith at the same time. The Alpha and Omega of His being, extremely powerful.

Another of the Elohim that I relate the Sword of Blue Lightening to is Beloved Hercules. Alice Bailey's book "The Labours of Hercules" is a blessing extraordinaire.

Times are changing, life is accelerating. What wonderful times we are in. Although I must admit the last few days I have been feeling rather out of sorts. It is as if Spirit is saying now it is time for growth, the next step. Time to take another look at.... All... the aspects of your being. Time to let go of the human drama. Time to further surrender to the Love that you are. Oh wow is me ! My sense of humor will see me through !


What is the difference between the terms plane and dimension? The astral plane is a dimension. We also perceive views as two and three dimensional etc. The logical mind does play the devils advocate. Yet there is reason to search for clarity. My intent is to stimulate thought, mine primarily. The philosopher in me desires to dissect, to know each part as the whole

I Am the devils advocate and I Am the humble seeker of truth. I Am the Heart of Love and I Am the ageless seeker of Wisdom, knowledge experienced.

I have been blessed, or is it cursed, by not perceiving the 4th dimension. I Am not clairvoyant or clairaudient, yet there is a mysterious presence that works through me. I often wish I could see or hear as do so many. I Am envious and grateful for their gifts.

I have been told that my journey is to relate to or ascend to the mental plane. The philosopher in me thrives on knowing the Absolute and this is both a blessing and a curse. Long ago I accepted I Am that I Am.

My message is the surrender to Unconditional Love, Unconditional Acceptance. The blueprint of my soul is to be an example of Unconditional Love. My goal is to love myself, to love all my world as I love Natalie. That is why she entered into my life when she did. Why we are not together at this time. Why the anguish and pain. To know Who I Am. To express the passion that I Am in words and deeds. To be of Loving service.

To bare my soul, to share Who I Am, to Be the Light of my Soul and to learn and grow with my Beloved Brothers. There is Nothing more Dear or to be Valued higher than the awareness of our Beloved Spirit and the unity of All That Is.

The passion is a flaring in the words I Am sharing.

I feel that a dimension is a state of awareness, a state of vibration. I prefer to view it somewhat scientifically. Example being a one dimensional, two dimensional, three dimensional object. Our minds are expanding or opening up to the perception of a fourth dimension and at times even to a fifth dimensional concept.

I believe there are seven planes to each dimension. Relating this to the third we could say they might be: mineral, vegetable, animal, human, astral (emotional), mental and spiritual. There are in each plane seven sub planes and of man we can describe these (the bodies of man) in the Buddhic tradition most favorably. Yet we are comprised of all of the lower planes as well as the higher. To try to express this in a somewhat simpler manner, I would suggest that man is the fourth kingdom in nature and is the bridge to the spiritual planes. That our purpose is to marry spirit and matter. The topic can become quite complex and I don't feel that is necessary. What I would like to pursue is the concept that we are indeed multi dimensional beings. Do we exist in all the dimensions or does an aspect of us? Or are we aspiring to a new world?

I would also like to state that I don't believe it is necessary to know all the intricacies of Being. There is only Love and I do enjoy writing poetry more that philosophy. At times my mind likes to take a swan dive into the vastness.

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