Loves Pure Light is the greatest and really only true Healer. Jesus healed not by touch, rather by seeing the perfection in All That Is. Through faith and the recognition (awareness) of His Love those that believed they would be healed, healed themselves. Their own Love healed them, or should I say their new found awareness that they too were a perfect spark Of Divine Love allowed that perfection to manifest.

I have stated that I don't consider myself a healer, yet numerous times I have been told I Am. The KEY is that if the Love That I AM is felt by others and I recognize the perfection in them, all I really do is allow them to manifest whatever they feel is required. I would never invalidate any form of healing. Whether it be the touch of healing hands, the crack of a joint, a surgeons scalpel, the acupuncturist's needle or the ingestion of special herbs matters not, for they are all only agents of Love. To me the true Healer recognizes that he/she is the instrument of Divine Love and feels that Love flow through themselves.

My hands, on occasion, have become so hot that I feared touching anyone. And to be truthful I don't know what causes this. Is it the manifestation or the result of that flow of Love? Do my words instill a feeling of Love in others? Are they healing? I believe by sharing Who I Am, through the passion of Heart felt Love and pure intent then I Am doing all that I can. What is taken from my words or actions is solely (soul lee) the responsibility of ???? Wisdom heals. Example heals. A beautiful work of art heals. I choose not to see the separation of modalities rather the unity of all efforts of pure loving intent.

As much as I desire to emulate the Love of my Soul and as much as I believe my intent is pure, I know it is wise to once in awhile stop and reflect. The journey to Perfect Love never ends.
Learning and growth never stops.

In Being who I Am, I realize there is always the need to weigh my words on a scale balanced by Love. Even with pure intent, I must still consider that my words and actions are often a catalyst, a trigger for others. And even though I am not responsible for how they might react, I am responsible for the cause of that reaction. So I give thanks for this opportunity and look back upon my words, thoughts and feelings. And, being Stephen, I honour the need to share.

There are probably numerous times my words have evoked a feeling or thought that was not in tune with my intent. Yet I am not going to beat myself up and search for faults.

I do not require forgiveness but I do require to acknowledge that I Am still learning and I Am still growing. That is as long as you beautiful people will chuckle, along with me, if Stephen becomes too passionate. And if you think I Am a jerk, say so. I Love it all!

Twas another fine day on the north 40, but not because of the weather. In fact if I considered going outside to contemplate a forecast, my fingers would have been too numb to use the keyboard.

Twas a fine day because I received a little blessing in the morning. And of course I must share.

Firstly, I imagine most of you now know my opinion on healing and what heals. With that in mind I shall continue my tale.

I do not know many who do not have something that needs healing. For some it may be strikingly evident and others it may be tucked away in the deep recesses of their being. I am no exception. Often I have found myself stuck in a rut, on the road of life, that my thread bare tires didn't seem to be able to climb out of. Everything on the surface seemed alright but there was that nagging something saying you can't go forward until you deal with me. Ok, scenario set?

I had been aware of a "nagging something" that for some time had been causing my shadow self to rear up and smote me on occasion. No matter what I tried, blessing it, honouring it or stuffing it away, it would return when least expected.

Very early, on this morning, I asked Spirit to give me something I would consciously recognize, that would be an inspiration to both continue the battle and ensure a reasonable chance of success. She graciously granted my request about two hours later in the form of a phone call.

I say this was a little blessing because I had to continue to work on dealing with my "nagging something" and I knew it could be some time before the battle was won. But there surfaced a renewed awareness of the strength that had always been there. It was a Grand Little Blessing and it did come from Spirit.

The blessing was triggered by three magic words that occurred during the phone conversation. Those words, spoken to me, opened up a part of my heart that had been closed for, it seems like, a long, long time. Was the timing just right? Did I have to experience that part of me? Or did I just have to allow, to more fully surrender?

I would like to share this blessing with you and it is my sincere desire that these three magic words might be a catalyst or trigger for each to realize, to feel, the strength of their Spirit. It's there, but at times so hard to find.

So my Beloved, ( iwaye cin wakan yelo )


Tis a morning of calm grays and whites on the north 40. The whites being an occasional flake or two gently falling to the ground. Oh well, winter is just one of the wonderful blessings from our Beloved Earth Mother. One of the most beautiful pictures, in my minds eye, is of a clear winters morning. A blanket of pure sparkling white, the hoar frost on the trees and bushes and a brilliant blue sky. Ah, Mother you are so beautiful.

I take pride in being occasionally (???) referred to as the devils advocate. In my youth I just loved to argue, period. As the years progressed I have noticed my focus as changing or I guess, I might say, I have been becoming more focused. At one point, although I don't remember when, I choose to see only the good in all things. Initially began as self defense, I think. Couldn't coupe with the anguish and pain, but it all really doesn't matter.

I Am Who I Am because of life's experiences and this day I Love Who I Am. I even Love the devil in me, just ask my family. I am sure my sense of humor and kibitzing drive them crazy at times, but they put up with me.

I would like to give thanks for the unique family I was born into this life and share a little more about them. We are a collection of old souls and diversified experiences. Some of us, myself included, have at times taken upon ourselves the role of black sheep and each of us, at times, have exemplified the beauty of God's Love.

I have a niece who is extremely sensitive and yet because of her need to be the center of attention has created more grief than .... On occasion, to get that attention, she has spread untruths and exaggerated events to instigate turmoil. She is the reason why I am here at this time. Often she has been unable to handle a most beautiful gift and attracted some very dark forces. I believe my opinion is discernment not judgment because I honor that she is a catalyst that has enabled others to grow. I know part of the reason I am here is to love and support her transition into becoming the Light of her Soul. She is a beautiful being.

I have a another niece, who is also very beautiful and very sensitive. She has channeled an entity, for some time by the name of Bartholomew. Loving, caring and soon, I believe, to become a master of her gifts. Yet she has to constantly battle with MS. I admirer her resolve and strength.

My mother, my two sisters, all have taken their second level of Reiki. I have another niece, who is a Reiki Master. Just a few examples.
“Hmm why did you share only examples of the beautiful ladies" she says.
Of course the males, although we are outnumbered, are beautiful too. We are All Beautiful, aren't We?

Dad was a radar mechanic, stationed in Egypt during WW II. As he was walking by a tank one day a young boy, with long curly blond hair appeared to him, sitting on the tank. Twas I, although years later mom was to cut my golden locks when she found me sitting on top of the piano. About two years of age then. It is no wonder I am so good lookin now, you should see some of my baby pictures. NOT! I prefer the beard.

Another interesting sideline to the story. Dad saw me shortly after he had returned from a flight that very nearly resulted in being shot down. Because of this the crew was instructed to open their parachutes for checking. His had been sabotaged with a bolt. No way it could have opened.


Blessed by brother hawk and brother eagle, I AM, I AM. Brother Eagle says "endeavor to make their spirits soar, brother mine" and Brother Hawk says "make sure there is a message in your tale, brother mine"

Tally Ho, On I go, with my tale of WOE!

It seems like so long ago, or was it yesterday that I traveled through the depths of depression and anguish to the Gates of Hell. There to be met by the Devil himself. "Stephen", he said to me, "you have made us proud. For not many could have sunk so fast. You deserve a reward for your service to the unlight.

I will give you three choices as to where you shall spent eternity. BUT once you have made your choice, it can not be changed. There you shall remain for all time, choice wisely brother mine. FOLLOW ME!"

He then lead me down a dark hall, with speakers overhead blaring out cries of horror and pain. My knees becoming weak and a shudder rising up my spine we arrived at a door. Much more than the heat waves emanating from it, were the cause of my sweat. Brother Fear was here. "Remember well, Child of Light, should you choose this room as your destiny, so be it."

The door opened to a horrific site. It was a room full gruesome looking souls dancing in pain on a bed of hot, hot coals. Turning to the devil, in panic I say "I DO NOT CHOOSE THIS". Looking at me, with his famous grin, he says "So be it" And on we go.

To the next door which is radiating cold, cold, cold! Opening the door the devil says "Remember, Heart of Love, should you choose this room as your destiny, so be it." Inside on a sheet of crystal blue ice is a bed of nails. Dancing on the spikes, tortured souls, withering in pain with each step they would take. Feeling my heart shiver and close I said "I DO NOT CHOOSE THIS". "Ahh" he says to me "So be it" .

By this time the fear is at max. What have I done, should I have made a different choice? Arriving at the final door, I am somewhat taken aback. There is neither heat or cold manifesting from this room. But WHAT is this I smell? Gawd, it is the stench of hell!

As the door opened, my mind filling with thoughts of doom, I looked into the final room. What was this, an ugly site, yet I felt overwhelming relief. Walking around, knee deep in shit, were a group of souls actually smiling. "Ah" the devil says, "Beloved One, you have chosen well. Welcome to your destiny".

The door shut behind me, my sense of smell now toasted, I realized there was no turning back. But it could be worse, I say to myself. Walking around, trying to accept my fate, I notice that these souls can't speak and the smiles are starting to fade. What have I done? Just at that moment from a speaker does come,


Now did your Spirits soar, did you see my message?

When all is said and done, at the journeys end, I came out smelling like a ..... ROSE?

Oh how I love my sense of humor,

Oh how I love that

I Am

Our totem brothers may come and go, or be there for us our entire life. They set an example to follow or mirror to us an aspect of our being. When guidance is requested or there is a need, one or many will be there to offer their love.

Yet so often people neglect to look around, to see the wonder of our Earth Mother and all our relations. I marvel at the thought of a brother offering him/herself to the native hunter that he might feed and clothe his family. I admire the respect our 1st Nations Brothers pay to all their relations.

I find a unique thought to be: can one really take a life, for the soul goes on? One can receive life in many forms. One can give life in the form of a blessing of Love or of sacrifice. Neat!

Brother Bear is there to teach or mirror to us our Soul, our Spirit and the desire to go within. For that is the source of all knowledge, the source of all Love.

Remember, the right hand is the hand of giving, we receive through the left. Nurture yourself. Treat yourself, your Soul, your Spirit to something special, something that says I Love Who I Am. And go within, KNOW who you are.

Being that Bear comes through vision or the Dream Lodge symbolizes to me a direct link to our Soul. A Heart of Love that is just waiting to explode into full blossom.

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