There has been a dream floating around, in the ethers of space, that many are beginning to realize a common thread or link to. That it is their dream too. That dream is to build a community, a healing center. Others have expressed their yearning to find this magic spot, to become part of such a loving community. We all have something to contribute to this vision and in truth one day this community will cover Blessed Mother Earth.

I still have the vision where I believe that a few beautiful souls are going to find or be drawn to a special place. And it will be their Love of Self and Brother Humanity that will open the door, to bridge the gap between the dimensions. A beginning, a quickening of the Love that is already there.

One of my first (significant) visions of a spiritual community was in 1984. I was farming just north of a little village called Weldon, Saskatchewan. Unicorn Acres, a spiritual retreat and school for higher learning and physic research. What wonderful memories. I drafted building plans for the entire site and the underlying theme for sharing responsibilities. The only entrance requirement was that the applicant must write an acceptable essay on the Aquarian Age.
There would be no fee other than participating in the community.

I was going to say "sadly it was not the appropriate time", but not true. I have had numerous other visions since then, some extremely vivid. Many of my dear friends have voiced the same interest. One of my more recent visions was a campground (retreat, healing and sharing center) based on a Native American theme. Main center built in a circle around a medicine wheel and sweat lodge (which reminds me that I am in need of a good sweat) I even know of an ideal site on the Sunshine Coast.

Bottom line is that I truly believe in my Heart of Hearts that one day it will be

For years I have felt that I was to build a retreat/healing center for Natalie and that I might contribute to her Loving Touch as part of the Alpha and Omega of our Being. I do have flowing from this ol heart a tremendous amount of Love, yet I know it is only part of the picture. And I am beginning to understand that my dream is part of a greater dream.

I pray that soon I will be on the road again, off to our Magical valley to check the lay of the land. I feel that there are others who will join me from time to time. I see a group of like minded souls, with our walking staffs, journeying through an alpine meadow. It is the Loving support of many that will manifest this glorious dream.

Cedar, cedar everywhere and pure, clear water to drink!

An evolving vision or day dream, because it most often occurs when I am awake, is a compilation of three separate ones that have occurred over the last forever (many moons for sure). It is a joy to have it come to mind, make a few changes, work on a few refinements and then store it on the anxious anticipation shelf.

One day I added, in the main hall, four massive fireplaces dressed in flagstone. They shall honour the four directions. A fire pit is already in the center of the room suspended funnel styled hood beginning about six feet above. The living quarters connected to the main complex are of a hostel type with four bunk beds per room and small community areas to relax in or for the children to play when Mother Nature says it is time to be inside.

Interspersed throughout the grounds are small cabins for families or those who desire a little more privacy and for those who are permanent residents. There are also camping pads for tents and RVs. The concept being that if you can afford it and would like to contribute monetarily, so be it. If you can't and have a tent or don't mind a bunk bed and are willing to help with the chores, so be it. Maintaining this sacred site would enable many to contribute, in a very beautiful way. Good exercise too. Maid service? Hmmm no for now. Every one pitches in. Everyone shares.

A little curious about the view. There is the waterfall on one side yet the other side overlooks a valley and possibly a larger lake. Seems like we are on a plateau about half way up the valley side. The lake side offering magnificent sunsets, or is it sunrises?

What shall be shall be, the future is sometimes ours to see.

I first remember the fascination with the Royal Teton beginning with reading the work of our Beloved Brother St. Germain through Guy Ballard (Unveiled Mysteries, etc.). Should state that since then, have always felt a comfortable association with the I AM Temple.

Then reading the early works of Elizabeth Clare Prophet the fascination grew into a greater awareness of (or perhaps a desire to one day visit?) the energy that is focused through the center (retreat) there.
The Violet Ray, of course.

Now the clarity being, that I think "Royal Teton" is often referred to as the Master's Retreat and is located in the Grand Tetons mountain range. Then, of course, there may be one particular mountain called the "Royal Teton". So me thinks we must visit this place in person to settle the matter. Perhaps we shall be invited, by the Masters, to ascend to this Sacred Place ... to bask in the Light of Eternal Love. What say yee?

Ah, the grey matter is thriving this fine morning for ducks. I know of another Sacred spot that I have visited on numerous occasions and felt the Magic, the Enchantment. This one is the retreat of our Beloved Lord Michael and is located in the Lake Louise area, near Banff, Alberta.

Perhaps I should expand upon why I feel such magic there? Okay talked me into it. There are two reasons.

Two very majestic mountains preside as the towers of Lord Michaels retreat. One is called Cathedral Mountain and the other is named Mount Stephen. Now that has to draw a person there right?

The other reason is a story told to me, as a young whippersnapper ... knee high to a grasshopper, by my Dad. One of his teachers was an Adept by the name of Mrs. Nora Main, who lived in Calgary as did we at the time. One fine day (too probably for ducks) she and her Spiritual companion, Dr. David Linen, were on a return journey through the mountains. Driving on a narrow road when rounding a corner, there opened before them an entrance into the mountain. They were then guided to a magnificent Light filled retreat within. They sat with the Masters, discussing the Journey before them and the blessing they might choose to provide for Brother Humanity. Not knowing how long their stay was, they seemed to re-awaken back in their car around the corner, yet both with total recall of the event.

Gives me Spiritual Duck Bumps to this date. How often I have sought to find that corner but, sadly, now it is a four lane highway. I do easily recall the awe felt when standing by the side of the road, looking up at these two Majestic Peaks. Perhaps tis only for the time for me to remember the rest of my journey, that I await.

And you may ask ... what is my fascination with ducks, today?
Tis raining, it is.

Yet I knowing that the Son is shinning through every cloud, and conveying the Light of Eternal Love to our World.

I would like to share a bit about my totem animals and staff.

I once asked (about six years ago...I think) a medicine woman/shaman to journey for me to find out who were my totem animals. Her Indian name is White Wolf Woman Who Runs.

My understanding of "to journey" is to enter into a semi trance state (vision quest) where she could ask the question and attract to her the brothers who would most often be by my side. Owl and Coyote came to her. And I now realize that they are often with me. Cougar also comes on occasion in dreamtime.

On my totem staff are also a turtle, a butterfly and a salmon. My Brother Greg, who created the staff and is very in tune, was visited often by these brothers as he worked on it. Eagles often follow me, when I am at the West Coast and brother Hawk when I am on the prairies. Many beautiful brothers enter into my life from time to time, all bearing gifts or insight as to lessons I must learn. When I became aware that all our relations are here to teach and support us, I began to truly appreciate the beauty of our
Beloved Earth Mother.

I often refer to "My Prayer", which was written about five years ago, when depicting who my main totem brothers are. They are described as follows:

Coyote teaches me laughter and joy are good medicine. That all life is good. Owl teaches me the "Magic of Wisdom". Cougar teaches me patience, and all that is good and meant to be, will come to me.

What is truth?

Is it a perspective? The view of our world as seen from our hearts. Is it a choice? How we choose to accept our world, how open are our hearts. Is it intent? How we choose to act in this world of human drama. Is it experience? The experiences we choose or those which Spirit chooses for us.

"Stephen" she says, (the Beloved Spirit, That I Am, as she flows through my pen) “there is only One Truth and that Truth is Love. Choose well, from a loving heart as you perceive the One and what your World will experience shall be Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Joy.”

Judgment is strictly a human choice to participate in the illusion of separation.

God does not judge. Unconditional Love does not judge. The Masters and Angelic Hosts allow us to be whatever we perceive ourselves to be, yet support us unconditionally, honouring the perfection that we are. Unconditional acceptance.

This does not say that we should not be concerned. If we desire to express that which we feel is a truth, so be it. If that expression comes from an open heart, with pure intent, it is in harmony with Who we are at that moment. Promoting balance and harmony is Divine intent. This comes from honouring our concept of truth, sharing our concept of that truth and allowing the acceptance or rejection of that truth. Sharing truth by example is the greatest teacher of all. If we are living our truth, is there really anything else we can do?

If we desire to be judged or judge, we are but living the illusion.

Remembering that our perception of truth as constantly changing promotes Spiritual growth.

There was a time when I wanted to change the world in one fel swoop. Why didn't everyone know what I did? Being a Leo, I would get up on my soapbox and preach with vigor and conviction. No one seemed to listen. Even though my family, as a group, was quite enlightened they tolerated me and yet seemed not to care.

Life's experiences have taught me much and I guess one of the greatest lessons is just that. We learn by experience. We can be given tremendous truths but they are not our truths until we experience them. The difference between knowledge and wisdom, experience. Yet all forms of teaching are important and necessary.

I have found the greatest teacher is one who teaches by example. When words are spoken or written by one who has been there, done that and yet comes from a loving heart, they carry much more weight.

The power of experience, of wisdom, of Love.

This is not to say I Am a wise man. Yes there are many truths that I relate to. But I realize more now than ever before that there is only one truth and the journey to experiencing that truth goes on forever. There is only one source of truth and that source is within the heart of each of us.

Touch your Soul and realize that your Spirit is now exerting it's influence and control in your life. You are a beautiful blossoming flower.

Do you have to experience more pain and anguish to grow? NOT! All wisdom, all knowledge is already within your heart. It is but a matter of Being Who You Are. Sharing your Love with all your world, by example, by deed or by word is BEING. Allowing others to BE, accepting them unconditionally, opens the floodgates of your heart and the precious Love that you Are will touch many.

Feel that you make a difference and that time is only a perception, a point of view. We have all the time in the world, yet we can only live in the moment.

One of the most difficult lessons is trust. Trust in Who you are. Believe in the Divine order of All That Is.

Soon you will Know ... That I Am.

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